The Small Water Village is in the north of the Lugu Lake. The village is surrounded by hills in three directions and faces a valley in the north direction. The Small Water Village is the last village along the Lugu Lake in Yunnan Province. The boundary line of the Yunnan and Sichuan is at the entrance to the village. There are two kinds of roads here. The one is made by stones, and the other is made by pitch. The Small Water Village is so close to the border that it is often forgotten by the public. There is a legend which is unknown to many people that the Small Water Village is very much blessed by the nearest Lemu Godness Mountain.

There are only twenty-four families in the village. They are descendants of Mosuo which is a traditional and old ethnic group. The tourism industry of there is not well-developed. There only live people of real Mosuo blood. There are not too many visitors. Most of them are people who take a tour around the Lugu Lake. When they arrive there, they can take a rest, drink and chat with local villagers. This village is a paradise but is neglected by people. It even has a more natural atmosphere than Lijiang. Since recent years, there has been some publicity about the village. The Small Water Village has now been more and more available for guests and tourists.

There are not too many cultivated fields in the Small Water Village. The only grain that can be grown here is corn and potato. People are lived by keeping livestock and fishing. However because of the limit of land resource and geographical environment, the life of the local people is a little hard. It takes 10 minutes to walk to the lake. The bank of the Lugu Lake is arc shaped with reeds surrounded. It is very interesting to sail a boat out among these reeds.

Lugu Lake (Lugu Hu)

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