The Shiliupu Street is outside the Baodai Gate. To the east of the Shiliupu street is the Huangpu River, to the west of the Shiliupu street is Fengdan Road. Taiping Lane is in the south of the Shiliupu Street and Longtan Road is in the north of the Shiliupu Street. The street is near to both the water and the city. Near the Shiliupu Shanghai Bus Station, there are newly built shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels. They provide over 900 sets of rooms and more than 2000 beds for travellers. The new logo of the street was launched on the 7th, August 2009. It was selected from more than 2000 works. The new logo is from an advertisement designer who has a special emotion for the street. It has clouds and lotus of the Huangpu River and three waves of water to show the geographic features of Shanghai. There is a very attractive small three-story building in the Shiliupu Street. The local people and visitors can both stay in the building, appreciate the scenery along the river and see the big change of Shanghai in the past decades.

The Shanghai Bund (Waitan)

Jack Li

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