Sanyuan Caves

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Sanyuan Caves are on the north of Huaqing Pond and leads to the Hall of Lao Zi. It is the first scenic spot that you see if you climb the Lishan Mountain from the West Gate. In the secluded caves you can find the statues of the Sanyuan—Jade Emperor, Earth God and Da Yu (who was made the third emperor of the Ancient China because of his achievement in controlling flood according to legend), respectively the lords of the Heavenly Palace, the Earth Palace and the Water Palace. The most peculiar thing of the caves is that there are five round natural ventilation holes of immeasurable depth. Wind blows through the holes to the outside in spring and summer and in the opposite in autumn and winter. As you reach the entrance of the cave you will feel the refreshing breeze. The Lishan Mountain is a fault rock mountain; the fractures are interconnected and thus form natural wind holes. It is believed that the wind coming from the holes has therapeutic effects, and many people come to the cave to cure their illnesses. In recent years the Health and Medical Departments have collected samples of the cave wind for analysis, and the result suggests that it does possess curative properties for allergy, nervous strain, pain, and various other illnesses.

The Lishan Mountain

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