Qixian Temple

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Qixian Temple is in the Dashe Village of Mount Wutai. The temple in the Dashe Village was called Dashe Temple. During the years of the Beisong Dynasty, the seven son of Ganeral Yang killed the third son Pan Bao of Prime Minister Pan Renmei. The Pans regarded the Yangs as the biggest enemy. They accused the Yangs in front of the emperor. The emperor punished the Yangs by disposing their positions and sending them to Mount Wutai for house arrest. In the next autumn, the Liao Kingdom invaded the Song’s territory. The emperor followed Pan Renmei’s suggestions, led the troops to fight with the enemy and was trapped in Youzhou. Under that circumstance, the Emperor Taizong had no choice but to resume positions of General Yang and his sons. His eighth younger brother went to Mount Wutai and asked the Yangs for help. When the Yangs left Dashe Village, villagers renamed the Dashe Temple as Qixian Temple in the Yangs’ honor. In the central palace of the Qixian Temple, there is a bronze beef statue, which is one metre high and two metres long. It is one of the top ten attractions in the Mount Wutai. In the Tianwang Palace, there is a wooden tower with eight straight-angles and thirteen floors. The tower is nine metres high. It is the only wooden tower in the Mount Wutai. In the back of the palace, there is a biggest bull feather drum in the Mount Wutai. The drum’s diameter is one and a half metres. The width of the drum is 1.67 metres.

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