Qingyin Pavilion

On August 25, 2011, in Mountain Areas, Shanghai, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

Qingyin Pavilion is on the way to Mount Emei where visitors climb and go down the mountain. Qingyin Pavilion and Longmen Cave are called the two beauties in the Mount Emei. Opposite the Qingyin Pavilion, there are green mountains and a steam of clear water. There are two bridges one on the left and the other on the right hand side of the pavilion. They are like wings of a bird. The name of this bridge is called ‘Shuangfei Bridge’, because in ‘fei’ means flying in Chinese. Water in the right hand side of the river is dark. It originates from Heilong Pond under the Jiulong Cave. It is also called Heilong River. Water in the river of the left hand side is clearer. It comes from Sancha River under the Gongbei Mountain. The two rivers hit the Niuxin Stone, but they cannot wash it away. Qingyin Lake is just around the Qingyin Pavilion, covering an area of 30,000 square meters. The lake is green and clear. Trees around the lake are big and green. It is very cool in summer and autumn. Qingyin Pavilion is a perfect summer resort. Even during the spring and winter months, it is not cold there.

Mount Emei (Emei Shan)

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