One Night in Beijing

On August 11, 2011, in Beijing, Entertainment, Nightlife, by Jack Li

As a city never “sleeps”, Beijing is a place full of energy at night. If you travel to Beijing, you must experience this city’s amazing nightlife. So, book a flight from Air China and come to enjoy the beautiful capital of China-Beijing.

For a start of your night journey, you can relax and have a try on local street food. There are several places you can have a taste on traditional local food such as Gui Street, Wang Fu Jing Street. For these traditional food, Chinese would prefer to call them “Xiao Chi” which is hard to be translated into the exact meaning in English. Actually, it might mean a kind of “side dish”.

Xiao Chi Street

For these “side” dishes, it could vary from all kinds of food; for instance, fried scorpion (which a little bit scared), boiled beef tripe, Xinjiang BBQ, boiled dumplings, etc. Among them, I would  recommend boiled tripe. After boiling the tripe, you shall eat them together with a special kind of sesame which really makes them delicious. Besides, those Xinjiang BBQs are really nice as well.

Beef Tripe

So, now you just have some unique Chinese Xiao Chi, you can go out and explore this city then.

Firts of all, you could travel to San Li Tu. In fact, that is an area quite famous among foreigners. More than that, it is a quite”mixed” area both for locals and foreigners. This place is actually like a kind of “base”-full of bars and nightclubs. What i would like to say–guys, it is a really cheap place! Most of the bars and nightclubs are free entried; besides, drinks are quite cheap there-normally for a bottle of beer it will range from 15 to 25 RMB. Remember to try the “Qingdao” beer, it is really nice! There are some bars and clubs: Q bar, Baby Oh, MO, Roof Bar, Kai Club….There is one place called “Bar Blu”, it serves quite nice cocktails and actually one of my best bars there.

Bar Blu

Ok,probably you will say this is not so “Chinese” style. So here are some traditional Chinese entertainment activities you can experience.

Peking Opera:

It is a kind of traditional Chinese theatre which combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics. It arose in late 18th centry and developed quite well in 19th centry. For Beijing, you can go to Li Yuan Peking Opera theatre to watch. It opens everday at 19: 30pm. It locates at Qian Men Jian Guo Restaurant.  Tell: 010-52853677

Peking Opera

Acrobatics Show

Actually acrobatics shows were established in 300 BC in China. It is a pretty show suitable for everyone. Obviously you do not need to understand Chinese to watch the show.

Acrobatics Show

Besides these activities, you can also just take a walk after dinner. Probably you might find something interesting and explore how common Chinese live.

Some Local Residents Playing Chess


So book a room from China Hotels online and come to Beijing to explore this city’s nightlife. Probably everyone will have their unique versions of “One Night in Beijing”.


Jack Li
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