China Wang’s Museum is located in the Hongmen Bao architecture complex of Wang’s Grand Courtyard, which is in Lingshi County of Shanxi Province. Wang’s Grand Courtyard now covers an area of 3500 square meters and it’s the only museum of Wang’s family culture at home and broad. There are 261 kinds of Wang’s family trees storing up in the exhibition hall.

The content of exhibition starts from the origin of surname and Wang, showing the first ancestor, lineage, migration, distribution, figures, achievements, records of family pedigree of Wang’s family. In addition, there are numerous extant words, objects, pictures, phonotapes and cideotapes. Meanwhile, Wang’s descendant– Lingshi Jingsheng Wang’s family history is listed as a necessary part. All of these exhibitions reflect Wang’ contributions to the civilizing process in five thousand years history of China.

Wang’s Grand Courtyard is Jerusalem in Wang’s family members’ heart all over china. China Wang’s Museum, which takes Wang’s Grand Courtyard as the carrier, is the centralized exhibit of the overall features of Wang’s family members; it’s also the final end-result of Wang’s spirits in various sections of society. With the constant improvement of the exhibition hall, China Wang’s Museum will finally become a Wang’s family culture center, which has complete functions and gathers research, collection and exhibition.

Chinese Folk Forbidden City- Grand Courtyard of Wang

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