Mount Xixiang is in the middle section of Mount Emei. It is two thousand, one hundred meters above the sea level. It is said to be the place where Buddha washes white elephants. In Chinese, ‘Xixiang’ means washing elephants. At the night of the Mount Xixiang, the moonlight is clear and beautiful. The moonlight on the Mount Xixiang is among the top ten views in Mount Emei. You will definitely have a truely special experience, if you can camp on the mountain on the full moon night.

When it is night time, clouds and frogs disperse. The sky is dark blue. It is fairly quiet and very comfortable when there is a breeze. The moon is in the high place and shines brightly. Cedars are very high and the leaves wave lightly with the breeze. Architectures like; Daxiong Palace, Banyue Stage, Mount Xixiang, Chuxi Pavilion and Yinyue Building look pretty solemn at night. The appearance of the Temple Xixiang seems like an elephant head. The palace is its forehead. The two Rooms besides the palaces are two ears of the elephant. Stone stairs of the Bayue Stage are like the nose of the elephant. All this cannot be this way if it is just a coincidence. That must be a special design made by architects.

Mount Emei (Emei Shan)

Jack Li
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