Mount Wutai (simplified Chinese: 五台山; pinyin: Wǔtái shān; literally “Wutai Mountain”) is the first mountain of the four famous Buddhist mountains. It is located in the northeastern of Wutain Country in Shanxi. The Mount Wutai composed with many huge mountains and peaks which including five peaks. The tops of the peak are flat, and look like platforms, so called Mount Wutai. People called the mountain “the ridge of China” because of towering peaks and majestic mountains. The east of the mountain is 2795 meters high and the circumference reached 250km. You can see the red clouds look like sea, people called it Wanghai Peak. The south of the mountain is 2485 meters high and flowers covers with the mountain, people call it Jinxiu Peak. The west of the mountain is 2773 meters high and it is a good place to see moon, people call it Guayue Peak. The north of the mountain is 3508 meters high and it is the highest peak. The white clouds float around the peak, people call it Yedou Peak. The middle of the mountain is 2894 meters high and you can see the peak hide in the mist. In the back of the north of the mountain has the thousand year snow and ice. Even it will be snow in the summer there. So it is a good summer resort and is also called Qingliang Mountain. Mount Wutai has a long history. The Xiaowen Emperor of the Beiwei period, the Suiyang Empersor, Songtai Zong Emperior and Yuan ying Zong Empeior, also include Qingsheng Zu Emperior and Qinggao Zong Emperior had came to the Mount Wutai. All the emperors and empress from Beiwei period to the Qing Dynasty has sent presents to Mount Wutai. If you read the history book of the temples in Mount Wutai you can see two words “Chijia” (it means all the temples were built by the royal) in the first page. The Mount Wutai also the only place has Handi Buddhism and Lamaism. Many nationalities like Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Gansu and Heilongjian are all respect it. Some famous Buddhism monks emerged here. In the Tang Dynasty, this place had become Buddhism school for people from overseas. A great many people came here to worship from India, Japan, Mongolia and North Korea, also some from Nepal and Sri Lanka in thousand years. Even some people live in the Mount Wutai forever. There are more than 3000 Buddhism Statues here. Not only have Buddha, Bodhisattva, Arhat, servant, provider and Hufa God, but also have Confucianism, Taoism and local religious and so on. The Buddhism statues have eight types. They are clay sculpture, metal, carved stone, woodcarving, porcelain, sloughing, embroidery and portrait.

Mount Wutai Attractions

Xiantong Temple

Tayuan Temple

Jinge Temple

Bodhisattva Ding

Qixian Temple

Mount Wutai Stories

1. Dipankara Mother Tower

There is a Baohua Temple in the north of the Xiantong Temple and it is about 7 Li away from there. The Dipankara Mother Tower is in front of the Temple. The tower is tall and the shape is like the Tibet Bottle. In the corners have some little towers and many carved stones. According to the legend, the tower footing is in the Tibet while the tower body in the Taer Temple. The top of the tower is in the Taer Ditch. Long time ago, an old man came to the Taer Ditch and said to the residents that the top of tower will falls down here at tomorrow noon, people should move their valuables into a safe. But people thought the old man was mad and nobody listened to him. The old man worried and thought a method. He took a little boy of the village and run, the residents thought he was a bad person and run after him wanted the boy back. The old man brought the little boy run faster and faster until they arrived at a lawn. The residents also run after him to the lawn. At the same time, they saw the sky became dark, the wind was strong and suddenly they heard a rumbling sound. Then, the wind stopped and the clouds away, the sun rose again. But the top of the tower and the four little tops of towers fell down on the Dipankara Mother Tower. At that time, people knew the old man just wanted to save their lives. They found he has gone when they wanted to thank him. People thought the old man was the Wenshu Bodhisattva. People built a Wenshu Bodhisttva statue in the temple in order to the tops of towers fly to other places. People called the tops “Tibet Feilai Tower” because he came from Tibet.

2. The origin of the fifth lord of Mount Wutai put on dragon robe

In a legend, the Kangxi Emperor looked his father in Mount Wutai. One day night, there is a strong wind suddenly on the way back to his palace. All the people stand around the emperor to protect him. The horse also got panic. Then they heard someone said that they needn’t feel afraid him, he is the fifth lord and come here to welcome the emperor. The emperor told him if he can keep their safe, he will let him get the position of Gonghou (a position in royal and will control many things). Finally, the emperor returned his palace safe. He kept his words and rewarded the fifth lord a dragon robe. The fifth lord is the Wenshu Bodhisattva and many people make a wish toward him will come true. People often worship him later to sure they have a peace time.

3. The legend of the Wenshu Bodhisattva of Nepal

Mount Wutai is the place of Wenshu Bodhisattva. Many people from Japan, India, Sir Lanka, Burma and Nepal to worship because the classic of Dacheng (it is a religious, and emphasizes promote himself should according to the interest of himself and others). So the Mount Wutai is famous in these countries. Here is a legend. The valley area of Jiagu Jiao (the capital of Nepal) was a large lake in the past. The Wenshu Bodhisattva went there from Chian and used a magic to spilt a mountain. Make the water of the lake run out and settled down there with the people who came there with him. Then the country Nepal emerged. Because of the legend, the Nepal people have the deep emotion to the Mount Wutai. They put their palms together and show the respect to the Mount Wutai and the Wenshu Bodhisattva.

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