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The top four famous Buddhist mountains are Mount Wutai in Shanxi, Mount Emei in Sichuan, Mount Jiuhua in Anhui and Mount Potuo in Zhejiang. Mount Wutai is not only a Buddhist attraction but also regarded as the best mountain as a summer resort. If you need a tour guild, please find one in with Guide ID Card in a travel agent. During the trip, don’t accept cards and gold ingots sent by strangers. Please choose commodity and service when there is a specific price. Be careful and don’t be fooled by strangers’ traps. There are some people trying to charge visitors a high price by peddling Buddhist things.

Best Time to Visit the Mount Wutai

The best time to visit the Mount Wutai is from June to August. Climb the Mount Wutai in summer, and you can see the beautiful flower seas. While in the ancient caves, there are landscapes of ice and snow which has been stored for hundreds of years. It rains a lot in the summer. Visitors had better bring rain gears, shirts with long sleeves and pants. If you go to the Mount Wutai in spring and autumn, you have to wear sweater, and thick or woolen pants. If you want to go to the peak and see sunrise, you must rent a cotton-padded overcoat. The weather is worse in winter. Travellers who go to the Mount Wutai in winter have worn more clothes to keep themselves warm and pay more attention to transportation.

Mount Wutai Best Routes

One day schedule:

After having breakfast, travelers can start the tour at eight o’clock. The route for the morning is Wuye Temple, Bodhisattva Ding, Xiantong Temple and then Tangyuan Temle. Wuye Temple is the best place to make a wish in the Mount Wutai. The route for the afternoon is Shuxiang Temple, Dailuo Peak. Shuxiang temple is a national protective historical relic. Royal families often got together there and had activities. Dailuo Peak is a small peak along the Qingshui River. There is a stone road of 1080 stairs to get to the peak. It was said after one walked through there 1080 stairs, all his worries would go away. In the evening, it is recommended to stay at the Taihuai County.

Mount Wutai Tickets

Ticket for an adult: 218 RMB/person including admission fee 168 RMB, environmental fee 50 RMB and insurance 5 RMB. Ticket for a child: 134 RMB.

Open time: from 6:30 to 18:30. It may change according to different seasons.

How to Get to the Mount Wutai

By Plane:

There are flights from Taiyuan to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Nanjing, Shenyang, Xi An and other main cities in Wuxiu Airport. You can take the airport shuttle from No. 158 Yingze Street to go to the airport. You can take bus 201 or 901 to get to the Wusu Airport. There are also travel buses between Taiyuan and Mount Wutai at Taiyuan long-distance coach station.

There is a heliport at the Mount Wutai. You can take a helicopter to go to the Mount Wutai from Taiyuan.

By train:

The train station of the Mount Wutai is in Shahe Town, Fanzhi County. It is 51 kilometres away from Taihuai County. In the station, there are trains to get to Beijing, Taiyuan, Datong and other places.

Visitors from Beijing can get to the Mount Wutai stop by train and then go to the mountain. Other visitors can take a train to Taiyuan. It takes two hours to get to the Mount Wutai and the ticket price is 38 yuan.

By bus:

At the in season, there are long-distance buses to Mount Wutai in Beijing Liuliqiao bus station, Shijiazhuang bus station, Datong bus station.

There are also buses at the Taiyuan and Jinzhou couch station. It takes one hour from Taiyuan and Jinzhou.

By car:

Beijing to Mount Wutai:

Drive on the Jingshi Express, get out at Baoding. Go on driving through Shunping, Tangxian, Fuping and get to the Wutaishan Road.

Taiyuan to Mount Wutai:

Yuantai Express, get out at Jinzhou. Then go on driving through Dingxiang, Wutai County, Rucun Village, Qingshui River, south entrance of Wutai Mount and get to Taihuai County.

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