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Different scenic zones in the Mount Emei have different weather conditions if they are in different locations. Qingyin Pavilion is in the low mountain area. The trees are thick. The springs are clear. The middle mountain contains areas from Qingyin Pavilion to Mount Xixiang. The temperature there is 4℃ or 5℃ lower. You have to wear warm coats. You can also rent cotton coats on the mountain. There is a boundary line on the Mount Emei where underneath the line it is warmer while above the line it is colder.

Best Time to Visit the Mount Emei:

Best time to visit the Mount Emei is in spring and winter.

Sunrise: Summer: 6:00; Winter: 7:00

Clouds: 9:00-10:00 AM; 3:00-4:00 PM

Buddha Lights: 9:00-10:00 AM; 3:00-4:00 PM

Azaleas: from the end of April to May; Azaleas at the Wanpo Peak: from May to June

Maple Leaves: October

Moneys: from June to September

Skiing: January to March

Mount Emei Best Routes

In a two-day tour in the Mount Emei, you can walk in the woods, have tasteful dinners and visit temple on the first day. On the second day, you can go to see monkeys, climb the Jinding Tower and appreciate the Buddha lights.


1. Mountain Pavilion—Moya Crave—Buddhism Gallary—Yingbin Plaza—Mount Emei Museum—Baoguo Temple

2. Wannian Temple—Bailong Cave—Qingyin Pavilion— A Thread of Sky—Ecological Money Zone—Jinding Tower

If you only have one day, you can just go to see monkeys and visit temples there.

The routes could be: Baoguo Temple—Jieyin Palace—Jinding Tower—Ten Buddhist Statues—Huacang Temple—Wannian Temple—Qingyin Pavilion— A Thread of Sky— Ecological Money Zone

If you take the two day tour by walking, the route could be: Baoguo Temple—Fuhu Temple, Liyin Temple, Chunyang Palace—Zhongfeng Temple—Guangfu Temple—Qingyin Pavilion—Hongchun Lawn—JIulong Cave—YUxian Temple—Mount Xixiang. Another route is: Mount Xixiang—Leidong Lawn—Jieyin Palace—Jinding Tower—Ten Buddhist Statues.

Mount Emei Tickets:

Admission Ticket: 150 RMB

Cableway of Jinding Tower: 120 RMB. It charges 65RMB if you just take the cable going up and 55RMB for going down from the tower.

Baoguo Temple: 10 RMB

Huacang Temple: 10 RMB

Fuhu Temple: 10 RMB

How to get to the Mount Emei

By Plane: Take a plane to get to Chengdu, then transfer to the tour bus.

By train: Visitors from Xichang, Panzhihua, Kunming, Chengdu, Xi An, Beijing and other places can get off at the Emei stop of the Line Chengkun. Mount Emei scenic zone is just 10 kilometers away from the train station.

By bus: The Mount Emei is 169 kilometers away from Chengdu. It costs two and a half hours to get there. In Chengdu, Xinnanmen Tour Bus Station has the most tour buses to go to Mount Emei. Leshan is quite near the Mount Emei. The distance is just 34 kilo meters. Bus between them leaves every thirty minutes. The ticket price is 11RMB. The latest bus is around six o’clock. If you take a taxi, it costs fifty to sixty RMB.

By boat: You can take a boat to get to Leshan and go to Mount Emei from there.

On the Mount Emei: from Baoguo Temple Passenger to Wuxian Parking Area: 20 RMB to go up and 20 RMB to come down.

From Baoguo Temple Passenger to Leidong Lawn Parking Area: 40 RMB to go up and 30 RMB to go down

From Baoguo Temple Passenger to Wannian Lawn Parking Area: 20 RMB to go up and 20 RMB to go down.

The bus leaves each twenty minutes. You can get on the bus at any place of the three Parking Areas.


  1. Cold: The highest peak is 3099 meters high and the temperature is under 10℃. Climbers should take more clothes.
  2. Rain: The mists stays around the mountain the whole day, climbers need umbrellas or raincoats.
  3. Slip: The roads are split on the Mount Emei and it is dangerous for people, visitors should not wear slippery shoes.
  4. If you want to take part in the one-day tour, you have to make sure the travel lines are safe. Because the travel lines have A and B. The A line just goes to the Golden Peak, whereas the B line will take you to the scenic spots which include; the Wannian Temple, White Dragon Cave, Qingyin Pavilion, a thread of sky and the monkey zone. If you want to see all the scenic spots, it will take 2 or 3 days.
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