Mount Emei (simplified Chinese:峨眉山; traditional Chinese: 峨眉山; pinyin:é méi shān; literally “Emei Mountain”) is located in the Sichuan Province and it covers an area of 154 square kilometers. The highest peak is the Wanfo Peak, which is 3099 meters high. The mountain is splendid and it is famous for being “the most beautiful scenery in the universe.” The diverse climate and the abundant vegetation are around the mountain. There are more than 3000 kinds of plants there which includes some rare trees. Mount Emei is a famous scenic resort and a Buddhist mountain. The Mount Emei is one of the four famous Buddhism Mountains. The other three mountains’ names are Mount Wutai in the Shanxi Province, Mount Putuo in the Zhejiang Province and Mount Jiuhua in Anhui Province. The four mountains are the famous Puxian Bodhisattva Daochang (places for people to worship or for monks to cultivate themselves accorPeak to a religious doctrine).

The Mount Emei has four mountains and they are the first e, the second e, the third e and the fourth e. The first e is the main peak of the Mount Emei. People say Mount Emei usually means the first e. The second e is in the opposite side of the first e. From the long distance you will see the two magnificent mountain peaks.

The Mount Emei is beautiful, ancient and mysterious. The tourism resource of the Mount Emei is rich. The mountain has Buddism culture, rich natural resource and unique terrain, there are also graceful landscapes around the mountain. People call it “Fairy Mountain and Buddhism Nation”, “Plant Nation”, “animal paradise” and “terrain museum”. People built a mountaineering ropeway because the mountains are too high and too big to climb. People will see the four beautiful sceneries of sunrise, the sea of clouds, Buddha light and holy light easily. Buddha light is the most splendid scenery in Mount Emei. There are also ten Buddhist temples and Buddhism treasures there. Many devout Buddhist believers arrive at the top of the mountain after more than ten days climbing. The Mount Emei is an ideal place for people to see the beautiful sceneries, explore the nature and worship.

The Ling monkeys are the elfins in the mountain. They are lovely, naughty and can understand what people say. They are close to visitors and make visitors happy.

Mount Emei Attractions

Emei Golden Peak

Mount Xixiang

Baoguo Temple

Wanfo Peak

Qingyin Pavillion

Mount Emei Stories

1. The Buddha Light in Golden Peak

If you climb the Mount Emei in a sunny day, the mist around the mountain and the sunlight will reflect a rainbow on the mists. In the middle of the mists you will see a Buddha shadow and the shadow will move as people. This is Buddha Light. Even thousands people watch the shadow at the same time and they just will see their own shadow. The mysterious phenomenon just exists there. The Buddha Light also called “the treasure light in the Mount Emei.” It is a natural phenomenon and it is formed by the sunlight shoot in the surface of mist. The Buddha Light will emerge about 70 times a year and usually in the 2:00-4:00 PM.

2. A legend about the Mount Emei

Long long ago, the Mount Emei was just a huge grey stone. For building a more beautiful homeland, a claver stonemason and his wife decided use their hand to chisel a big mountain. The god moved by their resolution and determination. With the help of many gods, the stonemason craved the huge stone into a mountain and the deep valley. His wife threw his cloth handkerchief in to the sky and became the colorful clouds around the top of the mountain. When the cloth handkerchief flew around the mountain, it became trees, flowers, streams and singing birds. Because the Mount Emei is very beautiful like the wife’s eyebrow, so called Mount Emei (the pronunciation of “mei” in China is the same as the eyebrow).

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