Located in the foot of the Tianshou Mountain, the Ming Dynasty Tombs are mausoleums of the Ming emperors. The Tianshou Mountain belongs to the Yanshan Mount Chains in Changping District, northwest of Beijing. The first tomb is the Changling Tomb built from the 7th year (1409) during the Yongle Era while the last one is for the Emperor Chongzhen. In 230 years of the Ming Dynasty, there were thirteen tombs for emperors, seven for imperial concubines, and one for an eunuch. Thirteen emperors, twenty-three empresses, two princes, more than thirty imperial concubines and an eunuch were buried in these tombs.

Best Time to Visit Ming Dynasty Tombs

Spring and autumn in Beijing are perfect seasons to travel. It is neither too cold nor too hot. In autumn, there are clear skies, crisp air and colorful leaves making Beijing the Golden city. The north edge of the Great Plain of China is surrounded by the hills on one side and waters on the other which creates a typical semi-humid continental climate for Beijing with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 11.8℃with the coldest being -4.6℃ in January and the hottest being 26.1℃ in July. Springs and autumns in Beijing are quite short while winters are relatively long. The average amount of precipitation is 644 mm, with 180 frostless days. Heating systems in Beijing are quite good, so it’s warm indoor in winters. However it’s rather cold outside, and tourists have to wear sweaters and thick coats. Weather forecasts are broadcasted in newspapers, radios and on TV. You can also check the weather by calling 859 which provides Chinese and English weather reports for the day and the next day. Most people go to Beijing to visit historical cites which are not affected by weather. If you arrive in winter, you will get off-season rates in hotels and travel agencies which can save you plenty of money.

Ming Dynasty Tombs Tickets

Shenlu Road: Out of season: 15 yuan, in season: 20 yuan

Dingling Tomb: Out of season: 50 yuan, in season: 70 yuan

Changling Tomb: Out of season: 30 yuan, in season: 45 yuan

How to get to Ming Dynasty Tombs

Public Transportation

1、 Take the subway of line thirteen and get off at the Lishuiqiao stop. Then take the bus Changping 22 or 23 to the Shenlu Road to the Dingling Tomb and the Zhaoling Tomb.

2、 Take the bus 919 or 345 express at the Deshengmen stop and transfer to the bus 314 at the Changping Dongguan stop to the Dingling Tomb and the Zhaoling Tomb.

3、 Take the subway of line Changping at the Xi’erqi stop and transfer to the bus 21 at the Nanshao stop. Then take the bus 314 at the Changping Dongguan stop to the Dingling Tomb and the Zhaoling Tomb.

By Car:

Drive along the Badaling Express and get out at the exit of Changping Xiguan after paying 15 yuan. Go straight to the national road 110 after passing the Changping Xiguan roundabout. After 34 kilometres of the national road 110, turn right into the Shisanling Road. Drive about 200 meters, then there is the sign for the Ming Dynasty Tombs on the right.

There are apple orchards on the two sides of the road. Go along the road to get to Shenlu Road. Go over the T shaped crossing,  and the Dingling Tomb, the Changling Tomb and other tombs are there. The ring road around the lake by the Ming tombs reservoir is on the right hand side.Enter the ring road around the lake and drive about 4.7 kilometers, then turn left at the entrance of the Bangshan Park. Go straight and you can get to the Ming tombs reservoir.

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