The Magnificent View of Icefall is located in the middle reach of the Huanghe River, measuring 448.1 m in height. With Hukou Waterfall in the centre, this scenic spot covers a total area of 100 km2, reaching Mafen Beach to the north, Xiaochuanwo to the south, valley regions to the west and Renzu Moutain to the

east. Usually the Hukou Waterful are in a tumultuous state with its strong rushing currents, however, when the icy weather makes the water frozen, it will show us a completely different kind of beauty- a magnificent view of icefall. By both sides of the waterfall there are solid pieces of ice in all sorts of shapes, thus the rapid flow brings the numerous small ice cubes all the way down to the lower reaches, splashing the water-mist into the air which present a beautiful rainbow in sunshine. Under the icefall a crystal ice-bridge takes its shape naturally. Going across the broad bench-land, you can come very close to the thundering waterfall to personally experience the power of it. After the main flood season, visitors who are courageous enough can manage to go inside the waterfall by walking through a narrow passage along the cliff, so as to have a whole different but gorgeous vision. You definitely will be totally enthralled here and have a high opinion of the magic nature.

Hukou Waterfall

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