Lotus Service Center

On August 26, 2011, in Accomodation, Beijing, Parks & Gardens, by Jack Li

The Lotus Service Center is built in the 1780 meters high above the sea level in the Wuling Mountain. The highest temperature in summer is 28 °C. When hot summer comes, the visitors passing along can not help but stay and appreciate the lotuses in the pool. The view there is very attractive. The center can provide with food, accommodation and shopping services for travellers. It is very nice to get up in the morning when you hear the birds’ singing. When you walk into the woods and see those trees, you will feel comfortable, and refreshed. The hotel there is equipped with air-conditioners. Visitors can enjoy tasty dished there like roasted lamb. You can also take a walk in the stone garden where there are peculiar stones lying around the path. The sunset there is gorgeous. Astronomers are able to see the stars very clearly at night without using telescopes. The stone garden is famous for peculiar stones, pines, flowers and grasses. It is a perfect place for vacation.

Wuling Mountain (Wulingshan)

Jack Li

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