Ling Mountain Scenic Spot is 122km far from the center of Beijing.  As the highest mountain in Beijing, Ling Mountain has an elevation of 230m.  It is adjacent to Longmen forest park on the west, closed to Longmen Gully Scenic Spot and connecting to 101national road on the south side.  Because of its height, a 25sqkm scenic spot with picturesque peaks, rocks and scenery can be seen.  Because of the changeable weather of Ling Mountain, different elevation has different plant species.  As a result, plants from Temperate zone and Frigid Zone such as azalea, lilac, white birch, hazel, rose and more are growing on the mount at the same time.  The famous Marshy grassland on the mount is a paradise for squirrel, hare, giant pig, role deer and other wild animals.   Moreover, it is also the unique natural farm where raises Xinjiang fine-wool sheep, Ili horses and Tibet yak.   Though Ling Mountain is situated in Beijing, it has a temperature variation of 10—12℃ against the city proper.  That makes it a perfect scenic spot and summer resort for leisure and vacation.  On your way to the scenic spot, you have a great opportunity to appreciate the ancient beacon, drink the fresh spring water and taste local specialties such as chives, wild day lily and mushrooms.  Besides, KTV, Bar and Bonfire party nearby the spot are located nearby.

Ling Mountain Scenic Spot travel tips

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