Ling Mountain is the highest mountain in Beijing. It has very beautiful scenery. In summer, the weather is cool. It is your best choice to spend holiday there. Besides, the Ling Mountain has many special local products, you should not miss them.

Best Time to Ling Mountain Scenic Spot

The tourist season of Ling Mountain is from June to September. And from October to April the mountain is closed. Since Ling Mountain is full of tourists at the weekends of July and August, you have to make a room reservation in advance. Due to the sudden decline of the number of tourists in winter and spring, hotels in Ling Mountain will be closed at that time. You could only live in residents’ house. During the tourist season, the price of house is much higher than usual.

Ling Mountain Scenic Spot Best Routes (no)

Ling Mountain Scenic Spot Tickets

Price: 35 Yuan, with a valid student ID, you can only pay half of the price. The round-trip cableway costs 80 Yuan; a single ticket for upward costs 50 Yuan; a single ticket for downward costs 40 Yuan. The opening time of cableway is from 7:30 to 18:30. But it only opens in the tourist season. The park fee for small cars is 5 Yuan/car; for big cars is 10 Yuan/car.

How to get to Ling Mountain Scenic Spot

1. Take subway line 1 and take off at the Pingguoyuan Station. 2. About 100 meters far from the west entrance of the Pingguoyuan Station, you can take N0.929 bus to Shuangtangjian. It takes about 3 hours. 3. Then take taxi to the destination. It takes about half an hour. The taxi will cost about 40 Yuan. If you’re go Dutch with others, it only costs 10 Yuan.

The second way to get there is to take special travel bus. You could wait for the bus at Qianmen: 010-63035066(the phone number); or you can wait at Xuanwumen: 010-66018285/65258358.

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