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The wind is plenteous and strong on Huashan Mountain, and the moisture is very heavy in summmer. Before climbing the mountain, tourists had better prepare several thermal overcoats and take a portable plastic raincoat. Huashan Mountain Scenic Spot is open all the year round. Generally, there is pint-sized mud-rock flow in a pouring rainy day or a thundery day. In this case, Huashan Mountain Tourism Administration Department would give notice in time to ask tourists to take shelter from rain and stop selling tickets. Tourists should remember to take enough drinking water when climb the mountain, because most goods on the mountain are shouldered by heavers and more expensive. In general, tourists who intend to watch a sunrise would go to the east peak, where is windy with lower temperature, so tourists had better take cotton-padded jackets. Nevertheless, there are military overcoats rent on the mountain top, which costs 80 yuan per jacket (including 50-yuan deposit).

Best time to visit Huashan Mountain

The best time to visit Huashan Mountain is from April to October, which is also the peak season of Huashan Mountain’s tourism. The lunar March 15th is the Pilgrimage Day, when there are grand temple fairs and celebrations. The scenery in four seasons is miraculous and changeable; there is sufficient rain and attenuate fog in spring, everything has gone green, mountain flowers are luxurirantly blooming, it’s a good place to have an outing and visit spring. In summer, the visibility of air is high and the climate is cool, tourists can watch sunrise and intermount waterfall, as well as sea of clouds. In autumn, the temperature is moderate and there are red leaves spread on the whole mountain, the floweriness making people greatly satisfied; it’s the best time to climb the mountain. In winter, snow gleams white, rimes and cliffs look at each other, giving tourists a aesthetic perception of fairyland. The sunrise is the scenery worthy of seeing on Huashan Mountain all the year round. The reference time to watch sunrise: 5:00-6:00am in spring; 4:30-5:20 in summer; 5:00-5:20 in autumn; 5:30-6:00 in winter.

Huangshan Mountain Best Routes

Reference route 1 (take the ropeway to the main peak area in daytime and live on the mountain at night)

D1. After arriving the scenic spot, tourists can buy tickets and take the bus at the new Tourist’s Center (Ecological Square). Tourists can appreciate the beauty scenery of Huangpuyu in the bus, and then take the “No 1 Ropeway in Asia” at Wamiao Valley to the north peak, visit the HuashanLunjian Tower and the memorial pavilion to the liberation of Huashan Mountain. Then walk along Caer Cliff, Shantian Ladder, and Canglong ridge, pass by Wuyun Peak to Goldlock Pass, visit the east peak, west peak, south peak and central peak. Tourists can watch the sunset on the west peak in the afternoon and live on the mountain at night.

D2. Please return by the way you came after watching the sunrise, and then take the ropeway to go downhill and take the bus to go out of the mountain. After dinner, take the scenic spot special line bus at the new Tourist Center and then visit Xianyu spot at the foot of Huashan Mountain, the national key Taoist temple—Yuquan Yard and the No.1 temple of the Five Mountains—Xiyue Temple.

Reference Route 2 (walk to the mountain at night, go downhill by ropeway or on foot)

D1. After arrving the scenic spot, tourists buy the tickets at the new Tourist Center and take the touring bus to the No. 1 temple of the Five Mountains—Xiyue Temple; then visit the Xianyu spot at the foot of Huashan Mountain and the national key Taoist Temple—Yuquan Yard. In the evening, tourists can climb the mountain by the west line or the east line, and then arrive at the east peak to watch the sunrise.

D2. After watching the sunrise in the morning and visit the east peak, south peak, west peak, Wuyun Peak, central peak and north peak, tourists can take the ropeway or walk along the east line to go downhill to Wamiao Valley, or walk along the west line to return.

Huashan Mountain Tickets

Opening time: 8:00-18:00

Ticket price: 100 yuan/person in peak season (March 1st to November 30th)

50 yuan/person in low season (December 1st to the end of February)

Ticket of the north peak ropeway: 60 yuan/person for a single trip and 110 yuan/person for a round trip;

Ticket of the tourist special line: 20 yuan/person for a round trip

People who enjoy the discount price

Children with the height of 1.2-1.4 meters enjoy the half price;

People who enjoy the free ticket

Children under 1.2 meters

People over 70 years old

How to get to Huashan Mountain

By car

The route starts from Xi’an: Huaqing Road—Xitong Express—Weinan—Huayin—Yuquan Road (at the foot of Huashan Mountain)

By the long-distance bus

The express from Xi’an to Huashan Mountain is 118 kilometers long. The bus arrives at the exit of Huashan Mountain. Tourists can take the bus from Xian to Huayin at Tangdu Bus Station (No 17 of Changle Middle Road), which comes every ten minutes).

By the tourist special line

  1. Take the Tourist Line 1 at the east square of Xi’an Railway Station, which has 26-33 seats and takes 22 yuan.
  2. The departure time: the first bus in low season is 8:30 and the last bus is 12:00; the first bus in peak season and the last bus is 14:00.
  3. The bus takes one and a half hour to two hours. The last returning bus of that day comes at 17:00.
  4. The amounts of buses: more than 7 buses everyday when the passenger flow is big while more than 4 buses when the passenger flow is small.

By taxi

300-400 yuan for a single trip, 350 yuan for a round trip if you take the Alto car.

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