Huangluo Yao Village is located along the Jinjiang River. Here live 60 families and 400 people, who are all HongYao nationality.

The women here all wear long raven hair. You can see women whose hair can brush against the surface of road everywhere. The longest hair is as long as 1.81 meter, so this village is well-known for the “Long Hair Village” certificate which is issued by Guinness headquarters, becoming another “World’s Talent” of Longji Terrace. When you come to visit Huangluo Yao Village, young women of Yao nationality in colorful folk costumes will welcome you by singing sweet folk songs and performing their unique dances, like long-drum dance, hand bell dance, and making up long hair. Here you can also try the favor of delicious oil tea of Yao family.

There is one river flowing through the village and two chain bridges connect the people of both sides, which can make it convenient for young women and men talk with each other quietly. Here we should talk about the unique activity of Huangluo Yao Village “Choosing Bridegroom”. Every young man who comes to the Huangluo Yao Village has the chance to take part in it and the key part of the activity is to find out who can win the affection of the most beautiful girl in the village. The man guest who has been chosen will act as the bridegroom and the most beautiful girl will put on the bridal dress and red veil, coming to the bridegroom.

The costume of women of Huangyao nationality is very beautiful and delicate. It can take as long as three years to finish the embroidery on the costume. There are various designs of embroidery on the costumes and the wide belt with flowers embroidery and the pleated skirt like the proudasa peacock are all their own understanding of beauty. Watch their ears and arms closely, you will find lots of silver ornament, among which the most eye appealing ones are the earrings and the bracelets which are all exquisitely carved by local silversmith.

Women of Yao nationality are all warm and generous, good at singing and dancing. Their song and dance is more pretty and charming with their beautiful long hair. One has to say goodbye after one end-all dance and women will offer up a cup of “Lanmen Wine” and sing the farewell song. This is the supreme courteous reception of the host and may you be safe throughout the journey of life.

Longji Terrace

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