Evenings may be a time where you get confused about what to do, or how to pass time without seeing the same old traditional sites. If you fancy something different and exciting with an amazing atmosphere Travel to Beijing and take a China Tour to the newly developed Hohai Complex.

Hohai is Beijing’s newly developed old town with a jazzy nightlife. Packed with traditional bars and restaurants along with new and western ones it really does offer a slice of everything for everybody. Situated around a tranquil lake the location is perfect to spend the evening in ultimate relaxation. The dim lighting and vibrant bars make the atmosphere a perfect place to have a meal and spend the night with good company.


Surrounding the lake on all four sides there are a vast array of bars, restaurants, pubs, seating areas and shops. All boasting something unique, you are truly spoilt for choice. Taking a stroll alongside the beautiful lake allows you to witness the variety whilst helping to decide where to situate yourself. If there is nowhere that takes your fancy, which is highly doubtful, there is always the option of getting into a small pedal boat and enjoying the ambiance of Hohai whilst floating on the lake. The candle lit aroma really does make you forget your stresses and allows you to take out time for yourself with no worries.

Hohai is not just a place to go and relax, it also offers an amazing opportunity to get in involved with the locals and experience some Chinese culture first hand. At the south entrance there is a busy atmosphere with people playing local games such as kick-ups with a shuttlecock, street classical dancing, badminton and many more. The locals are very friendly and encourage you to get involved within the games. Greeted with smiling faces they make you feel accepted within seconds. However, a small word of warning, some of the locals do take their activities very seriously so maybe look for a more casual game before joining in.


More often than not, sales people will try to draw you into their bar or restaurant, with such fierce competition don’t feel pressured and take your time, relax and settle at the place that you find most appropriate. Take advantage of the outdoor seating areas and enjoy your time amongst the sparkles and lights. With live bands playing at numerous bars you can unwind with a light beverage or even experience the great variety of Chines teas.

Hohai is a definite must see attraction, and it will embellish you with a beautiful memory of the city of Beijing. Away from the busy streets and chaotic cars this place offers much more than just an evening out.Book your China Flights and experience real authentic Chinese culture.

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