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Harbin (simplified Chinese: 哈尔滨; pinyin: Hā’ěrbīn) is the capital of Heilongjiang Province and the largest city in the Northeast China. It is also the political, economic, cultural and transport center in the Northeast China. Being one of metropolises in China, Harbin has the largest urban area and the second largest population. The best time to go to Harbin is from December to January. During this period, you can appreciate ice and snow which is very different from the other parts of China. Another good time to visit Harbin is in the summer, between July and September. It is cool there and is a perfect summer resort.

Harbin is a city with both Chinese and Western styles. The local people are quite frank and straightforward. There are plenty of cultural activities in Harbin, such as; Harbin Summer Concert, Ice Lantern Festival and so on. More than five hundred attractions in Harbin are worthy to visit including; Polar Region House, Flood Memorial Tower, Wenmiao Temple, Jile Temple, church of St. Sophia, Central Street, Xiaohong’s Former Residence (a famous writer), Northeast Forest Land, Yabuli Skiing Resort. Besides these attractions, there is; Jingbo Lake, Wudalianchi Lake near Harbin. Harbin was cited as Chinese excellent travel city by the national travel bureau.

Harbin is seen as the equivalent of Paris and is called the Oriental Paris, or the Oriental Moscow. There are architectures of Chinese type and Western type in Harbin. Church of St. Sophia is magnificent. Nicola Church is mysterious. The Russian style cabin is very exquisite. The annual Harbin Summer Concert, the International Statue Competition and the International Economic & Trade Fairs make the city more attractive to visitors from home and abroad.

Harbin Attractions

Ice and Snow World

Sun Island

Yabuli Skiing Street

Central Street

Church of St. Sophia

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