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When you plan to go to Harbin, you may always worry about the chilly weather. Actually, it is not that cold in Harbin. You just have to take appropriate warm clothing. Down coats and trousers are very cheap there but also good quality. Additionally, you can put on a cotton hat, a scarf or gloves to keep yourself warm. You would be advised to bring some medicine for colds just in case, because the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is pretty huge. A lipstick and a bottle of body lotion is recommended to take as it is cold and dry in the winter Harbin. If you take the professional cinema with you, please take care of it and try to keep it covered. Otherwise it may break due to the temperature being around minus twenty degrees.

Best time to visit Harbin

Harbin lies on the Songnen Flatland which is in high latitudes area. The annual temperature is just 3.6℃. The annual temperature in the coldest month is around -18 ℃. It is called the ice city, because the winter is long and cold while the summer is relatively short. The ice and snow festival is held in Harbin every year. So the best time to visit Harbin is from December to January. In the skiing resort, it is even colder than the downtown area. You need to wear warm clothing. The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival usually opens to the public since the fifth day of Chinese lunar year. The Ice and Snow World is attractive, especially during the Christmas, the New year or after the fifth day of the lunar year. Summer in Harbin is quite short but very cool. It’s a perfect summer resort.

Harbin Routes

  1. Church of St. Sophia-Central Street-Songhua River-Sun Island Snow Exhibit – Polar Land House- Ice and Snow World
  2. Northeast Tiger Park—Stalin Park—Flood Memorial Tower—Ice Lantern Festival
  3. Yabuli Skiing Resort for one-day tour
  4. Snow Village for a two-day-tour. You can live a farmers’ daily life and sleep on a heated brick bed.
  5. There are shows of two people that preform songs and dances at night in Harbin.

Harbin Tickets:

1. Ice and Snow World: From Monday to Tuesday, the ticket price for an adult is 280 RMB and 150 RMB for a child. On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the ticket prices for an adult is 330 RMB but still 150 RMB for a child.

Reduced price for non-profit companies and social associations: 10% cut for these organizations if there are fifty people that go together. Please note that a letter of recommendation is needed.

Other discount: From Monday to Wednesday (holidays not included), the ticket price is 150 RMB for a citizen person. The ticket price for Students, soldiers, children between 1.2 to 1.4 meters high is also 150 RMB.

It is free for disabled people providing they show proof, people above 70 and children under 1.2 meters high.

2. Polar Land House: The ticket price for an adult is 130 RMB and 80 RMB for a student

3. Sun Island: The ticket price for an adult is 30 RMB and 15 RMB for a student.

4. Northeast Tiger Park: The ticket price is 90 RMB usually and it is 80RMB if you order the ticket in the first place. The ticket price is 45 RMB for a child between 1.1 to 1.4 meters. Open hours: 9:00-16:40

How to Get to the Harbin

Harbin Airline:

Harbin Taiping International Airport is 30km away from the center of Harbin. It is the second largest national aeroport in the northeastern of China. Airplanes will fly to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Dalian, Xi’an, Hong Kong and some other tourism cities. It also has the airplane fly to America, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.


You can take a bus to the airport. The bus stars every half an hour, the charge is 20RMB/person. It will take you 40 minutes to arrive at the airport.

By subway:

Harbin is the second largest railway terminal in the northeastern of China. The five railways of Jingha, Binsui, Binbei, Labin and Binzhou are all at here.

There is not only has the passenger trains from Harbin to the main city\ies of northeastern of China and the Inner Mongolia, but also has passenger trains to some cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hankou, Zhenzhou, Jinan, Yantai, Dezhou, Xuzhou and so on. The cities of Qiqihaer, Mudanjiang, Suihua, and Jiamusi have the bullet high speed trains.

By bus:

The national road 102 (Jingha high expressway), the national road 202 (Heihe — Dalian), the national road 221 (Harbin — Tongjiang), the national road 301 (Manzhouli – Suifen River), the four national roads lead to the whole country.

There are three expressways of Harbin – Daqing, Harbin – Mudanjiang and Suifen River, Harbin – Jiamusi. There also have ten bus lines lead to many main cities.

By waterway:

Harbin Harbor is one of the eight inland river harbors in China and it is the largest inland river harbor. The water transport line throughout Songhua River, Heilong River, Wusuli River and Neng River and connected with some harbors in Russia. The water transport line will lead to the Japan, Korea, and the southeastern are of Asia. Now the passenger transportation harbors and cargo port.

The passenger transportation harbor will from Harbin to Jiamusi, Beilao Zhou, Qinghe. The lines begin with April and close at the beginning of November.

There are also 3 lines from Harbin to the Sun Island for visitors.

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