Harbin Ice and Snow World

On August 25, 2011, in Festivals, More Cities, Other Regions, by Jack Li

Harbin Ice and Snow World in Heilongjiang began to be built by Harbin government in 1999. It is a part of constructions to welcome the new 21st century. It fully takes advantage of the ice and snow in Harbin and builds and finally brings out the unprecedented large-scale and exquisite ice-snow art works—Harbin Ice and Snow World. It shows the public the culture of ice and snow and the unique charm of ice-snow travelling of the famous city- Harbin.

With the popularity of Harbin Ice-snow World, every year millions of travelers come here to enjoy themselves. In the Ice and Snow World, you can see the world’s highest, most beautiful, grandest and most charming ice and snow sight. You can also experience ice bar, ice hotel, ice maze, climbing ice cliff and playing golf and football on the snow. The colorful ice and snow entertaining activities will bring endless joy and make you forget to return as if you were in the fairyland on the earth. The most magnificent view ever and wonder in the human world, Harbin Ice-snow World will realize your colorful ice and snow dream.


Jack Li
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