Wang’s Grant Courtyard is an AAAA level scenic spot. Generally, you’d better go on foot rather than take a vehicle when you visit the old city. In addition, there are rickshaws specially serve tourists. The catering feature still takes cooked wheaten food as the principal thing, the same as most parts of Shanxi Province. In the morning and evening, millet gruel, steamed bread and sesame seed cake are main food; at noon you have various choices, such as noodles with gravy, noodles with soybean paste and so on; there are complete and delicious seasonings to flavour noodles. Besides, you can taste typical local dish of Pingyao at the Ming Qing Street.

Best time to visit Wang’s Grand Courtyard

Shanxi Province has the typical temperate continental climate. The weather is temperate and dry, the temperature difference of summer and winter is very big and the wind-blown sand is also big. The yearly average temperature is 10.2 centi-degrees and the yearly precipitation is about 540mm, most of which amass in summer.

Wang’s Grand Courtyard Best Routes

Wang’s Ancestral Hall–Gaojia Yabao architectural complex–Jingsheng Literature Temple–Hongmen Bao architectural complex– China Wang’s Museum

Wang’s Grand Courtyard Tickets

Wang’s Grand Courtyard is open to public all the year round, including holidays.

Visiting time: 8:00–19:30 in summer; 8:00–18:00 in winter.

Ticket price: Wang’s Grand Courtyard tourist ticket: 66 yuan

Wang’s Grand Courtyard tour guide ticket: 50 yuan

Literature Temple tourist ticket: 10 yuan

Literature Temple tour guide ticket: 15 yuan

How to get to Wang’s Grand Courtyard

1. Wang’s Grand Courtyard is 140 kilometers away from the provincial capital of Shanxi–Taiyuan and the transportation is very convenient. You can go to Taiyuan by train or by air, and then transship bus to Wang’s Grand Courtyard, which only takes two hours.

2. You can also take the train directly to Jiexiu or Lingshi, then take public bus to Wang’s Court Yard. From 8am to 8pm, there are public buses from Jiexiu to Wang’s Grand Yard, which come every half hours and takes 5 yuan. There are bused depart for Wang’s Courtyard at Lingshi, which come every ten minutes and takes 2 yuan.

3. Recently, the tourist distribution center of Taiyuan Public Transport Company opens up Wang’s Grand Courtyard–Mianshan Mountain two-day travel and Wang’s Grand Courtyard one-day travel special route.

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