When you have booked your Beijing Flights and want to begin your Beijing Tours you will need to learn the art of cabbing in the country’s capital. Compared to all other major cities Beijing and China’s taxi fares are the cheapest around.

Due to the amount of traffic in and around Beijing getting a taxi may not always be the most efficient way of travelling. Public transport is cheaper, but it does not provide the thrill and excitement of a taxi ride. Getting to the correct destination is always a fun and exciting challenge, however, your hotel companies are always more than willing to help by writing the address in Chinese so that you can simply just show it to the taxi driver. Doormen and locals that speak English are all willing helpers when it comes to translating your Once he has confirmed that he knows the destination the journey begins.

With the array of traffic in Beijing being varied from bus’s to rickshaws, horses to bicycles there is no common road law that the locals follow hence, chaos. The thrill of dodging all the hazards is reminiscent of theme park rides and never fails to amuse.

As Beijing is such a huge diverse city some attractions are not always conveniently located near a subway. This means that you are more than likely to experience the wonders of a Chinese taxi whilst in Beijing. There is always need to be careful once in a taxi. You should always make sure that once your journey begins the meter should be turned on otherwise the driver will charge any amount he wishes. There is a base rate of 10RMB (less than two dollars) for which normally takes you anywhere within a range of 3km. However, it should be noted that as taxis in Beijing correlate their prices to the price of fuel and it is obligatory to add 2RMB onto the overall price of the fare to cover these costs.

Travelling by taxi china also presents a chance to test out your Chinese skills. Very few drivers speak English; consequently, making conversation is always a fun activity. Getting around is easy, but be prepared. Keep a card with the address of your hotel in Chinese characters on it then you can just show it to the driver and more often than not he will know where to go.  All drivers are friendly, but this should not be a signal for you to drop your guard.

When arriving at your destination it is important to know that taxis in china cannot simply stop anywhere. If there is a solid white line and the place is busy they will normally drive a little further to stop in a designated space. A nearby side street or taxi stand will be more practical. To avoid unnecessary traffic it helps to catch a taxi on the correct side of the road (if you know where you are going).

To get a thrill of a life time and experience a unique, exciting, and revolutionary culture book your China Flights now!

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