Garden Bridge of Shanghai

On August 26, 2011, in Activities, Places of Interest, Shanghai, by Jack Li

The Garden Bridge of Shanghai is one of the landmark architectures of the old Shanghai. It is downstream on the estuary of Suzhou River where it is near the west side of the Huangpu Park and connecting the Zhongshandongyi Road and Dongdaming Road. The Garden Bridge is the first all-steel structure bridge in China. It was built by Shanghai Municipal Council. The bridge was designed and constructed by British engineers and the steel material was imported from Britain. As an important channel between the east and the north of Shanghai, the bridge has a volume of pedestrians and traffic. The French Bridge is a similar bridge as the Garden Bridge of Shanghai but does not have an all steel structure. It was built in 1907, five years earlier than the Garden Bridge. Shanghai’s development has a tight connection with the river. The Garden Bridge is the channel between the downtown Shanghai where there is the financial industry and the east of Shanghai where there are the trade and transportation industries.

The Garden Bridge of Shanghai has a long history of over a hundred years. It hasn’t had as much transportation capacity as before. Nowadays it’s more like an attractive spot where travellers from home and abroad can take photos and appreciate the scenery there. In the hearts of many overseas Chinese, there is always a strong feeling of homesickness.

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