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On August 16, 2011, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shopping, by Jack Li

Chinese fashion has drastically changed over time. Following the relaxation of communist clothing standards in the late 70s, the way Chinese dressed and the fashion trends of the country were also changing. Contemporary urban clothing seemed to have developed an obsession with brand names. In major urban centres, especially if you Travel to Shanghai or if you Travel to Beijing, an increased western look is preferred, and there is an emphasis on formal wear over casual wear for adults on the streets. Teenagers prefer brand names and western clothing. Children usually wear clothes decorated with cartoon characters.

Chinese society also has their own fashion creativity, imagination and flare; as in every countryand every fashion business they sell products  through the face to face(shopping) way or through e-commerce(shopping online). China has some fashion designers and companies that are promising a bright future for the industry, here you have some examples:

Lu Liu

Lu Liu was born in Beijing, China in 1981. Leaving home at 16 to explore the world, shegained her unique perspective growing up between an artistic family in China and a boarding school in the Leysin, Switzerland.

After traveling extensively throughout Europe, it was time to settle down. Since fashion had always been an interest she went to Paris, France, and studied to become a fashion designer. After two years there, she went to New York, and graduated from Parsons School of Design in May 2006 with a Gold Thimble award. One piece from her senior collection was subsequently shown in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue that year.

After graduation, Lu felt the urge to try something new. She went to work for the well-known fashion stylist, GK Reid, and assisted him in styling high-profile Hollywood celebrities such as Puff Daddy, Nelly Furtado and Rihanna. Fuelled by a constant passion for fashion, art and creation, Lu left her job in America, and came back to China in July 2007 to produce her first collection and speak to the world with her own translation of fashion and art.

Frankie Xie

In 1990, he finished his graduate studies from the Bunka Fukuso Gakuin in Tokyo. After graduation, he started working at the Nicole Company in Japan and trained under the famous Japanese designer Mistuhiro Mazda.

Ten years later, Xie strikes out on his own, launching the label Jefen in 2000. In less than five years, Jefen has already 20 freestanding stores in China. Last October 2006, during the Paris Spring 2007 season, Jefen debuted at the City of Lights.


Guo Pei

In Guo Pei’s studio, workers make really exquisite and elegant night dresses by hands. She uses embroiderys and silks in her works, thus making her dresses looks really “China”. Every dress of her is designed and made all by hand for a typical customer. It often takes several months for the workers in her studio to finish a dress. Once, Guo Pei and her workers sewed 28,000 buttons on
a golden night dress.Guo pei has gained an international fame now.

She was named as one of the five best fashion designers in China by the Asahi shimbun, the most popular newspaper in Japan. World renowned fashion magazines, such as ELLE and MarieClaire, also introduced her works and gave her a very good comments.


E-commerce ( Creativ Culture)

Creative Culture is an e-commerce site that runs a t-shirt design contest.The most successful contest so far was the “Lantern Festival” where they received more than 500 submissions and 70 were eligible for winning. The contest attracted thousands of votes.

Daniel Meller (Founder) and Melody Won (Creative Director) are originally from California and both attended design school at UC Davis. Being American they could have open a shop in USA, but they choosed China because this country offer the chance to be different says Melody.

Creativ Culture target market is 15-29 years old consumers, combining Chinese Cultural themes with modern t-shirt designs( past and present style). This business seems to have a promising and bright future full of creative energy and ‘Creative Culture’.

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