The Immotal Tower scenic spot got the name due to the fairy tower’s altitude and the shape. The tower is 48 meters high and looks like a fairy. The vertical distribution of forest vegetation is obviously. The boundaries and the four seasons are clear. The Fairy Tower is in a valley which is 1400 meters high and it is developed from a natural rock. Many natural cracks in the wall of the rock formed different sizes of stones. The Fairy Tower is one of the huge stones. It is stand alone and clouds around it make people feel a fairy. Standing in the Yiran Pavilion you will see the whole beautiful scenery. Here the green grass, mountains and clear water, also the flying waterfall around you. You will see three springs, six ponds and more than 50 scenic spot include the Fragrant Spring, Qiankun Waterfall, Bayin Waterfall and Yu waterfall and so on. Crossing mountains and walking through the forests you will experience the nature and enjoy the cool summer. This is a scenic resort for ecological tourism, relax and ecological education.

Wuling Mountain (Wuling Shan)



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