Erhai Lake

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Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, mountains are around waters. One of the 4 famous attractions “Wind Flower Snow and Moon”, “Erhai Moon” locates in the Erhai Lake. It is said that it is called “Erhai Lake” because its shape is like an ear. Erhai has high water quality, rich in aquatic product and it is also a beautiful scenic site.

The view of Erhai Lake is changeable with time and colorful. In the morning, the lake is covered by mist, vast and hazy. When the sun rises, the veil is revealed and the true beauty appears. As the sun rises, shining upon the lake, the surface is swept in motion, with fishing boats setting sail. In the sunset glow, fishing boats come back with songs. In the moonlight, the lake is tranquil with light wind, moonlight shining upon the lake while light waves pounding on the banks. “Erhai Moonlight” is one of the four fantastic sights “Shangguan Wind, Xiaguan Flower, Cangshan Snow and Erhai Moon. What is more fantastic is that the strong wind from Shangguan will blow the waters of West Erhai Lake back forward, which appears that West Erhai Lake flows into Erhai.

Erhai Lake belongs to down faulted lake. The water is clear with high transparency. The lake has been called “the spotless jade in the mountains”. Legend has that there is a huge jade cabbage at the bottom of the lake and the clear water is the juice pouring out from the center of the jade cabbage.


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