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On August 9, 2011, in Accomodation, by Jack Li

When you Travel to Beijing, finding somewhere to stay is not a problem. While you book your Beijing Flights, your ticket providers may include accommodation, but make sure you do your research before accepting the offer.

There are many luxurious hotels you can stay in such as Eastern Air Jinjiang Hotel, which is a short distance from the Beijing Capital International Airport, but this is about an hours drive away from the centre of Beijing. In order to receive the full benefits of travelling around Beijing, it is better to be located in the centre of Beijing and preferably near a subway, so you can easily travel and see all the beautiful sites Beijing has to offer.

East Apartments is perfect for this. These beautiful apartments are located in the      Fulicheng gardens of the Chaoyang Central Business District. Not only are the  apartments located in the centre of Beijing where you will not fall short of finding spectacular places to eat, and sites to see, but the apartments are also gated of and guarded in a quite area, where you feel completely safe and peaceful. There is 24 hour security and this helps highlight the fact that security at the apartments is a top priority. The gardens that surround the apartments are beautiful; there are streams, water features, benches and greenery, which creates a pleasant and relaxing environment to be around, especially after a long day of exploring.

There are three or four bed room deluxe suites, which is ideal if you are travelling in a group. Unlike ordinary hotels, these apartments are fully furnished and include; dinning area, lounge area with sofas so comfortable you could fall asleep on them, a fully equipped kitchen, home entertainment system with HDTV, washing facilities, modern bathrooms as well as ironing facilities. There is a maid who comes daily to clean the apartment as well, and who will even do your laundry. Not only this, but there are also facilities to get food delivered to your apartment for days when you are tired and just want to eat. Additionally, there are free tennis courts to play in and the ability to go to a gym and swimming pool if you ask for it.

When you leave the apartment, there are locals living just outside, so you can enjoy Chinese people’s day to day life, and be part of it. Besides the good quality restaurants which you will come across, there are also smaller more authentic places to eat, which taste just as delicious but for the fraction of the price, which you wouldn’t find around top hotels.

The price of the apartment can vary depending on the time you go there and the availability of rooms at that time. On average it is about $107 a night, which may seem expensive, but for the true Beijing experience you are getting, it is well worth it. You can save some money by eating at the more authentic places described above.

So when you book your China Flights don’t forget to research accommodations and find one that suits you. Whether you want to stay somewhere cheap and cheerful, or extravagant, you can find it all in Beijing.

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