Dong Zhi Men

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Dong Zhi Men is the location of the ancient North-East city gate and although it once led out into the countryside, it is now considered central Beijing, and one of
the most important transportation hubs; linking the airport light rail to the subway system. Despite its central location there are an abundance of trees and the newly renovated canal system is a wonderful place for romantic evening strolls under the willows, with the exercising grannies of course! If you are going to Travel to Beijing, this is a good place to live on a long-term period and also to stay in a China Hotel for a short-term period.

Dong Zhi Men 1908


Dong Zhi Men is perhaps the area where rents have the widest price range; where students and CEO’s can all find a place they will want to call home. There are private villas in closed compounds starting at 70 K RMB per month.  There are lots of mid-range apartments with sleepy doormen and elevator ladies who will never fail to ask you lots of personal questions- a good way to practice your Chinese. All have their unique charms.


Dong Zhi Men is amass with people from all walks of life, Chinese migrant peasants selling fruit and sleeping on cots behind stacks of crates and diplomats from
all corners of the globe zooming around in posh cars past bird walkers and fishermen down by the canal.

Pubs, Clubs and Entertainment

Evening comes and the neighborhood gets a little sleepy unless you enjoy watching locals play chess on the corner, but just a hop-skip and jump away is the San
Li Tun Bar Street where you can put on your dancing shoes. If the munchies hit in the wee hours head to the west side of the Second Ring road to the 24 hour
Ghost Street restaurants, hot pots of scampi’s await. If you looking for more culture, theatre goers will find a never ending line-up of local and international
music and dance performances at the Poly Center just around the corner. And if you can’t afford tickets to see rock’n roll line ups like Cui Jian or Singer
James Blunt at the Workers Stadium- just open your windows to sing along- it’s that close.


Officially there are no parks at Dong Zhi Men, but the canal system runs through the northern periphery and if you start at the Chun Xiu Lu Pizza Hut it will lead
you all the way to the Third Ring Road near the Kapinski Hotel, a great walk on a summer evening. For indoor sports East Gate, East Lake both has gyms and accepts non-resident members.

Shops, Restaurants and Takeaways

On the corner of the Second Ring and Dong Zhi Men is the Gaza Plaza, mostly genuine name brands at exorbitant prices. Many local restaurants will deliver; some will even let you leave a deposit for the crock pot if you want take away soup on a cold winter’s eve. There is of course Pizza Hut and for those who like living
dangerously  a Mcdonalds.


Anywhere you need to go the Dong Zhi Men transport hub will have a bus, train, subway or long distance mini-van to take you there. The express train to the airport, the line 13 subway and the original loop subway line number 1 all travel from or through Dong Zhi Men. And if you need to escape the chaos go to the newsstand in front of Sky Plaza give them 16 Rmb and get on the airport shuttle. You must get the Beijing Tours experience to enrich your culture and to get information about the places you are visiting in Beijing!


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