Daluo Palace

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Daluo Palace, since ancient times, has many wonderful tales. It was said that the Daluo Palace was the fairyland which Jie Zitui had seen in Jin Kingdom during the Spring and Autumn Period. Another tale is that the daughter of Emperor Tang Gaozu had practiced Taoism in the palace.

Chinese Taoism thinks the heaven immortals lived has 36 levels. The highest level is Daluo Heaven. The name, Daluo Palace, means the palace built in the Daluo Heaven. Daluo Palace hangs over on the cliff of Lion Hill. It is 100 meters high and has 13 floors. Because of wars, Daluo Palace had experienced several times damages and reconstructions. In February 2nd, 1942, the Japanese army set fire on the palace. It was totally destroyed. The palace now we see was rebuilt in recent years. The construction area of main buildings is 10,000 square meters. The total construction area of the palace is 30,000 square meters. The palace ably mixed up the Ming, Qing architectural styles with modern technology as a whole. The Daluo Palace is very gorgeous and elegant. Someone claimed that it could compete with the Potala Palace and titled it as ‘the No.1 Taoist Temple’.

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