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Dali is located in a plateau with low latitude. The low latitude and high altitude form a kind of climate that has small year temperature difference and four non-distinctive seasons. It is neither too hot nor too cold in Dali and the temperature difference is very small all the year round. Because of the complicated landform and the huge altitude difference, the vertical disparity of climate is quite prominent. The temerature rises with the drop of the altitude, while the rainfall increase with the rise of the altitude. The river valley is hot while the dam side is warm; the mountain area is cool while the alp is cold, presenting a distinct vertical climate.

Best time to visit Dali

There is a song says: March of Dali is full of amazing scenery. Therefore, it is quite appropriate to visit Dali Old City, climb Cangshan Mountain and visit Erhai Lake in spring. Dali has the low –latitude-plateau style monsoonal climate with non-disticitive seasonal variations and small year temperature difference. The yearly average temperture is 15 centi-degrees, without distinct severe winter or the intense heat of summer; it is like spring all the year round. The rainy season of Dali is from May to October. The temerature drops when moves towards the north part. Actually, the temperature drops dramatically after the rain at the end of summer, so there is a parlance among local people: a sudden shower turns the lingering heat into the brisk cool air of autumn. Accordingly, tourists who came to Dali at that time should bring several autumn clothes with them in case of catching a cold.

Matters need attention in Dali

You are suggested to live in Dali Old City when visit, then you can well experience leisure and freedom in Dali. There are many economical hostels for family travelling in Dali Old City, which are decorated with a special affective tone. Most of hostels have their own small yards, where you can bask in the sun, read books and have tea after lunch. In addition, there is wifi for surfing the internet. In a word, it is quite different from living in grand hotels and commercial hotels.

It is easy to find gift stores where you can pick up several special gifts for friends in Dali. In Dali Old City or Xiaguan, you can buy marble art works such as the four treasures in the study, flower pots, vases, lamps and lanterns that were made of natural marble.

The baizhu batik and bandhnu with ethinc flavor become prince favorite handicrafts. Tourists can see them here and there in Xiaguan and Dali Old City. Milk fan cakes in Dengchuan are so famous that every grocery and farmers’ market sells them. Xiaguan tuo tea looks like mushroom cap, always keeping constant flavor and unique aroma. Dali snow pears come from the east side of Erhai Lake, having snow-white and tender flesh. Jianchuan wood carvings were originally used to make furnitures, doors, windows and folding screens by folk craftmen. However, in recent years, new function has been found; small carvings have been made for tourists to carry away as gifts for their friends.

Tips: The Huguo Road in Dali Old City is a place tourists must pay a visit to, where assembles a variety of fabrics, art works and special local products from different minorities. Moreover, the numerous antique stores often make tourists feel theymselves have got unexpected gains.

How to get to Dali

By air

Dali Airport is located in the edge of Fengyi Town and Haidong County, 12 kilometers away from the urban area of Dali. There are airlines for Kunming, Xishuangbanna and Guangzhou in Dali Airport. You can take No 7 Bus at Xiaguan to Dali Airport. It takes 80 yuan by taxi. You can air tickets in grand hotels or travel agencies along Jianshe Road of Xiaguan.

By train

You can take train at Kunming to Dali; there are 8 different nonstop buses for Dali Old City beside the railway station. There are four trains from Kunming to Dali everyday. You can buy train tickets which are from Dali to other places in Yunnan Provinve at the ticket office at No 21 of Jianshe Road.

By bus

There are three long-distance bus stations in Xiaguan, which are all built at Jianshe Road. Besides, tourists can buy tickets to Lijiang River and Zhongdian in wine bars, travel agencies or restaurants on Huguo Road and Jianshe Road. Dali main bus station is the biggest one in Dali, located at N0 21 in Jianshe Road ( the opposite of Minsheng Shopping Square); most of fast buses set out here.

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