Cool world got the name from the first monument of Jingdong – Cool Boundary monument. It is famous for humanities, history, animals and plants. The monument is located in the north of Wuling Mountain and in the elevation of 970 meters. It is the huge granite which is 28.4 meters high, 30.8 meters wide and weighing 24000 tons. In the middle of the monument has six words “Cool Boundary of Wuling Mountain.” The words were written by a minister named Liubo Wen in the Ming Dynasty. The magnificent north gate, the rich Ecological Museum and the huge carved out of a cliff are also located in this scenic spot. In history, the Wuling Mountain was the important border area. There are hundred kilometers Great Wall around it. Now you still can see the relics of the Great Wall. In the Ming Dynasty, guarded heavily here and emerged many excellent people. Because of it is in the shaded side of the mountain the scenic spot is rainy and has rich resource of animals and plants. The forest coverage is more than 99%, you will be attracted by the grass, flowers and old trees, also singing birds and winding path. There are many strange peaks and stones and more than 20 little scenic spots including Wuling Golden Mountain, Sanxiang Stone and Eagle Beak Peak. Also have thousand years old poplar which is need six people can surround and the mysterious Heaven Dram Peak, as well as the Five Generals Peak and the Tianhou Peak.

Wuling Mountain (Wulingshan)

Jack Li

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