Church of St. Sophia

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The Church of St. Sophia is located in the No.95 in the Harbin Daoli Street and the church is the symbolic building in Harbin. It was built in March, 1907. The church was a church built by the Fourth Infantry of the Russia. And the same year, the Russia tea businessman Iraq.fees.Red Sijia Cover made a contribution to the church and repaired it. In 1911, people built a brick wall outside the wood wall and it became the wood-brick structure church. In September 27th 1923, the church of St. Sophia was repaired again. After nine months, the church became the largest Nicolas church in the Far East area. It was designed by the Russia architect Cocia Cuffs. The church looks splendid and classic. It is 53.53 meters tall and the architecture are is 721 square meters. The church has the capacity to contain 2000 people. The top of the front door is a bell tower, 7 chimes and they look like 7 musical notes. Only the professional people can play the beautiful songs. The church influenced by the Byzantine style. So the shape of the church building is like a cross. The liberation of Harbin, the Harbin government took over the church. In 1960 the church was closed and then it was used for practice place of the theatre and the storage. During the Culture Revolution period, the church was heavy damaged. The main structure of the building was destroyed and the wall paintings, clocks and cross were missed. In 1986, the church was regarded as the first protection architecture by the Harbin government. In November 1996, it was regarded as the fourth generation National Preservation of Culture Relics by the State Council.


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