Chinese Important Inventions

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The invention of the parachute is used widely today, both for recreational, and
government uses. When important and sensitive satellites are entering the
orbit, they are in a freefall, but once they get to a certain point they deploy a sturdy parachute to allow them to drift to the ground harmlessly. First documentation of the parachute was in 90 BC, but it is assumed to be around in second century BC.

Row crops:

Crops were first planted in rows around sixth century BC, which allows them to grow faster and larger. In addition, the wind will hit the perfectly straight rows and roll gently through.

Deep drilling for gas:

A technique developed in 100 BC is still used today, known as deep drilling for gas. The devices that were used were remarkably large  for the time. This technique has given many Americans jobs in the past and present, and is responsible for a considerable amount of America’s income.

Paper currency:

Paper currency was first introduced by the Chinese, and is now used widely in most countries. The earliest documentation of this invention is in the 800 BC.

Gun powder:

Gun powder wasn’t designed first for war uses, but as elixir for immortality.
Unfortunately, the only thing that gun powder did was explode. The invention of this made wars less gruesome and painful. Instead of dying slowly by a fatal
sword wound, a shot takes toll immediately. Gun powder’s date is unknown, but it is assumed that it was invented around the same time as fireworks.

Flame thrower:

What pyromaniac nut invented this tool or weapon?  Invented in the tenth century BC, the flame thrower was a great invention that has a variation used widely today. A torch or welder (following the same basic principles of a flame thrower) is used to weld metals together, and is very important in building large sturdy structures.

Fireworks were invented by the Chinese as entertainment, but were later used to scare off enemies in times of war. Today, we use fireworks to celebrate our independence. It is cool that this seventeenth century BC technique is still practiced and enjoyed today.


The rudder helps with turning a boat or in recent years, a plane. Before the invention of the rudder, boats had to rely on oars to turn, which required a lot of unnecessary time and energy. Now, planes (which cannot be steered by oar) are possible, and are used widely for both recreational and work. It is unknown when the rudder was invented.

The wheelbarrow:

When working, you could carry 200 kg  of weight in a wheelbarrow, while you could only carry half of that. The Chinese’s building process was dramatically sped up because of this useful invention. The wheelbarrow emerged in first century BC.


The compass is one of the most useful inventions by the Chinese, used widely in planes, boats, and in the wilderness to find direction. Many times when you lose your bearings, just consult the compass and you’re on your way. Invention date is unknown.

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