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All tourists who travel to Beijing and happen to be a  huge soccer fan, one of your evenings must be spent  down at the WorkersStadium watching a Beijing  Guoan FC match. These games are filled with an  electric atmosphere, a wonderful way to spend an  evening, after a long day of sightseeing. Furthermore,  the famous bar are night club area in the city, Sanlitun, is just a ten minute walk from the stadium,  so its very easy to get a drink after a match and experience Beijing’s incredible  nightlife. So book your flight with Air China for an amazing vacation.

Beijing Guoan FC won the Chinese Super League in 2009, however finished at a disappointing 5th Place in 2010. However we are not halfway through the new season (2011) and it promises to be an exciting finale. Guoan play in three other competitions throughout the season: the Chinese FA Cup, Chinese Supercup and the AFC Champions League (the Asian Equivalent of the UEFA Champions League in Europe). The team tends to perform fairly decent in all competitions, except for the AFC Champions League, but they are improving. They reached the Quarter Finals last season.

The club’s current coach is Jaime Pacheco. Not only is he charismatic and energetic, he was also, once upon a time, a well-recognized player and manager in Portugal. He played for his country 25 times. He won 9 major trophies as a player, including the prestigious European Cup in 1986 with FC Porto. As a Manager he won the Portuguese League Title with Boavista in 2001 and the Saudi Federation Cup in 2010. There is no doubt that he will bring Beijing Guoan FC back to success. The team’s captain, Xu Yunlong (Left) was born in the capital and has played for the club 228 times since 1999. The team also has stars from Australia, Brazil and Honduras, adding flair to their performance.

If you are lucky enough to be in Beijing for a the ‘National Derby’ and you’re a big soccer fan, you must go to the Workers Stadium and buy a ticket for this match between Beijing Guoan FC and Shanghai Shenua, the biggest rivalry in Chinese football. They are the two biggest cities in the nation so naturally a rivalry would occur. They have had historic encounters, especially since 1994, so if you happen to be in town for this sporting feast head down and cheer on Beijing Guoan.

The club’s home is the Beijing Workers Stadium (Right) in the Chaoyang District. The stadium was opened in 1959 and has a capacity of66,161 spectators. It is something special to be at the stadium when it’s packed with supporters. Hopefully, that will be during your holiday. The stadium is also neighbours with two of the most famous clubs in Beijing, “Mix” and “Vic’s,” also worth a visit to when you’re in the capital.

So if you’re a crazy football fan and you’ve just booked your flight to Beijing this autumn, you should be feeling anxious to take in the sites and, one evening watch Beijing Guoan FC at the Workers Stadium. Most Beijing Hotels will be able to assist you with advice in regards to tickets and transport for a match.





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