Central Street

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The Central Street is the most prosperous business street in Harbin. The avenue was built in 1898. The avenue was called China Avenue in the past and people changed its name to Central Avenue in 1925. Then the avenue developed into the business street up to now. The street has 71 European style buildings. And 13 modern style buildings include the Renaissance style, the Baroque style, and the eclecticism style. In August 1996, the Harbin government decided to transform the avenue to a pedestrian street. After ten months’ reform, the avenue became the longest pedestrian street in Asia in June 1st, 1997. Harbin is a city which influenced a lot by European culture. People called it “Oriental Moscow”, “Oriental Paris.” You can see many European style buildings. The street also reflected the culture and people’s life style. In hundred years, the street not only is an old street, but also an Architecture Art Museum. The street is 1450 meters long. The east of the street is the from the Friendship Road to the west property line of the Jingwei street while the west of the street is from the Friendship Road, Tongjiang Street to the east property line of Jingwei Street. The south of the street is from the Shangzhi Street to the north property line of Jingwei Street and the north of the street is from the Shangzhi Street to the Tongjian Street. The street has 175 leisure area, 18 parking lots, 152 classical street lamps in European style, and 14 lawns. And the street also has the 5 sculptures and one surveillance center with 30 cameras. It will make sure the safety of people and the street the whole day.


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