Central Peak of Huashan Mountain is 2037.8 meters high, located in the middle of East Peak, West Peak and South Peak. Actually, it is a small mountain peak cling to the west of East Peak and was considered as a part of East Peak in ancient times. However, it has been regarded as one of the main peaks of Huashan Mountain by contemporary people. Trees are growing well, thickly and healthily on the mountain and the environment is quite tranquil; tourists can see various nameless exotic flowers and rare herbs here.

There is a temple called “Jade Woman Temple” in the peak head. According to the legend, the temple was the place where the daughter of Qinmu Gong –Nongyu cultivated her moral character, therefore, the peak is also called “Jade Woman Peak”. Based on the narration of history, Nongyu was a woman of matchless beauty and had a good knowledge of the temperament. At one night, she became the soul mate of a hermit called Xiaoshi living on Huashan Mountain in her dream and then got married. Tired of living in the grand palace, they respectively rode a dragon and a phoenix to Huashan Mountain. Most scenic spots on Central Peak have something to do with the story of Xiaoshi and Nongyu, such as Jade Woman Cliff, Jade Women Hole, Jade Woman Stone Horse and so on.

Jade Woman Temple was built at the mountain head. It was said that Qinmu Gong had tried to find his daughter on Huashan Mountain, but drew a blank, he was so desperate that he could only build a temple to commemorate his daughter. There stood a statue of Jade Woman in the temple, as well as the dragon bed and phoenix coronet, all of which were destroyed by natural calamities and man-made misfortunes later.

The temple at present was built by the later generations. The statue of Jade Woman was remolded in 1983, she looks elegant and beautiful, precise and austere. In addtion, there are Stone Turtle, unrooted trees and sacrifice trees on the mountain. All heardsays about them are full of wit and humour, which increase the connotation of Central Peak in different angles and ungrade the mystery and beauty of Central Peak.

Huashan Mountain

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