Beijing’s Central Business District, or more commonly known as CBD is the main area of finance, media and business services in the capital. It covers about 4 kilometers squared of the Chaoyang District, in the eastern part of the city. China has become a global economic giant, and the CBD is at the heart of the nation’s business transactions. The District has attracted 117 Fortune 500 companies in the financial, consulting, IT and media sectors. The CBD is home to many of the world’s most impressive skyscrapers as well as Beijing Hotels. These include: the China World Trade Centre, the CCTV Headquarters, Fortune Plaza, Beijing TV Centre and the Beijing Yintai Centre. You would probably see these skyscrapers from your Air China flight when you are approaching the capital.

On one of my first few days in Beijing, I woke up a bit late so there was no time to go and visit the major sites, so I thought since I’ve only got the afternoon free, I’ll take a walk down the Business District, and I am so pleased that I did. I even came back one evening, because the skyline looks even more stunning at nighttime.

My personal favorite is the China World Trade Centre Tower III (right), not to be confused with the China World Trade Centre. TowerIII has 81 floors and 30 elevators (which travel at 10 meters per second!). Completed in 2009, this architectural giant stands 330 meters tall. It is thus the tallest skyscraper in Beijing. It serves many purposes. Firstly, it houses an exquisite 278 room 5-star hotel. Offices occupy the building up till the 55th floor. The 79th till 81st floor is special. It is home to one of the finest bars and restaurants in Beijing. Imagine sipping on a martini 300 meters high whilst overlooking one of the most spectacular cities in the world. It was a great experience. When I come back to Beijing, my first nightspot visit will be the bar at the top of the China World Trade Centre Tower III.

The China World Trade Centre is a group of buildings of which Tower III belongs to. It has everything from a hotel to an exhibition hall, offices and even a high-end shopping mall called China World Mall. Not only does it have Fendi, Hermes, Tod’s, Christian Dior, Shanghai Tang, Armani stores and boutiques, it also has an ice skating rink. So after you’ve been to the shops, bought a few things the best way to recover from the open-wallet surgery is to cool off and wind-down on the ice.

Another important attraction at the CBD is of course the CCTV Tower (left). As you can see from the picture, it is a very unique piece of architecture. It is 234 meters high (44 stories). It is the headquarters for China Central Television (CCTV), the major state television broadcaster in Mainland China. Due to its unorthodox shape, it is said that a taxi driver once nicknamed it, ‘da kucha’ which roughly translates to ‘big boxer shorts.’

The CBD is one of the most remarkable financial districts in the world, equally as impressive as Canary Wharf in London, or Wall Street. Sure, it may not be tourist attractions per say, however it is still well worth a visit when you Travel to Beijing.


Jack Li

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