Cangshan Mountain

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Cangshan Mountain also named Diancang Mountain is the main peak of the southern part of Yunling Mountain. It consists of 19 mountains from north to south. East to Erhai Lake, west to Heihui River, north to Deng Mountain of Eryuan and south to Tiansheng Bridge fo Xiaguan, Cangshan Mountain is 50 kilometers long, standing along the west bank of Erhai Lake like a green screen.

Never melting Cangshan Snow is a number of the will-known attraction “Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon,” as well as a tremendous sight of Cangshan Mountain. In winter, the mountains are covered with white snow; in sunny March, the parts above snow line are still silvery white. The snow of the highest peak, Malong Mountain never melts all around the year. In the midsummer, the parts below the mountain side are verdant while the top is still covered by white snow.

The cloudscape of Cangshan Mountain is always changing a lot, the most famous of which are “Wangfu Cloud” and “Jade Belt Cloud”. Wangfu Cloud often appears on the top of Yuju Mountain in spring or winter. As soon as the cloud appears, a heavy gale would come on to blow on Erhai Lake, as well as frightful billows and terrible waves. As a result, fishmen could not go to sea; therefore, Wangfu Cloud is also called “Wudu Cloud”. Jade Belt Cloud is not only beautiful, but also is regarded as omen of harvest according to farmer’s saying of Baizhu: “Changshan Mountain is attached to jade belt, and then hungry dogs have rice to eat.”

Expense budget

  1. You can take the cable car to go up at the foot of mountain, which takes 35 yuan for a round trip. The cable car would stop at Zhonghe Temple, and then you climb the mountain on foot.
  2. If you are in a leisurely and carefree mood and want to go up slowly, you can rent a horse in the old town, which takes about 80 yuan.

Special instruction

The jade belt wandering Road in the eastern mountainside of Cangshan Mountain is a tourist route specially opened up for visiting Cangshan Mountain. Go along the mountain side, you can visit sights such as Gantong Temple and Qingbi Brook.


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