Bodhisattva Ding

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Bodhisattva Ding is located in the north of the Xiantong Temple. You will see the stairs are very steep and direct to the top of the Bodhisattva. In a legend, the Wenshu Bodhisattva lived in the top of the mountain. So people call it Bodhisattva Ding or the Wenshu Temple. The Wenshu Temple was built in the Beiwei period and named Qingmiao. In the Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, after expanded and repaired, changed into Huang Temple and controlled by Lama. The temple is large and covers an area of 45 Mu, it has more than 430 rooms and all were built in the Qing Dynasty. According to the royal palaces, they used three color tiles and green bricks. It looks luxury and the top of all the temples in the Mount Wutai. The temple has 108 stairs and it suggested 108 countries of Shanxi province. Other people said that it means 108 kinds of worries and people tread the worries underfoot can see the appearance of Bodhisattva. There is a wood building in the Bodhisattva Ding and a brand “Lingfeng Sheng Jing” hangs on the building. People said it was written by the Kangxi Emperor. The temple has two brands, one is the Kangxi Emperor’s and another is the Qianlong Emperor’s. The brand from the Qianglong Emperor was made by white marble and craved words in Han, Man, Men, Zang four kinds of words. It is symbolized the unity of the nationality. Visitors come here will see the green mountains and trees and will have a solemn feeling. There are three large pots. The largest one is 2 meters wide and 1 meters depth. People use the pots each year in the past. People use it to celebrate the date which the Sakya became god. In that day, people use millet, mung bean, red dates, rice and walnuts, also include brown sugar to make Rice pudding and sent it to many people.

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