When tourists travel to Beijing to experience the nightlife, their first port of call is Sanlitun. Located in the Chaoyang District, it appeals to anyone who wants a night varied from a relaxed evening with a few beers to a late night at one of Beijing’s top nightclubs. The beauty of Sanlitun is that it is loved by locals and tourists alike.

Sanlitun is also known for its shopping; dining, arts and entertainment. Coffee shops, tepanyaki restaurents, pizza parlors and sushi bars are just a few of the wide range of options to fill an empty stomach. Fast food restaurants and food stalls outside nightclubs are open all night for the hungry clubbers strolling home around 6am! The Village’s website recommends three restaurants that one you must eat at if you ever visit the area. The first is ‘Olas de Mare,’ a casual tapas bar, more suitable for a luncheon, located in Village South. The second is ‘LEAF Korean Restaureant,’ where you can try the world famous kobe beef, also situated in Village South. The third and final recommended restaurant is ‘Transit’ and can be found in Village North, known for its healthy Sichuan cuisine.

As for shopping, Sanlitun houses many international brands such as American Apparel, Uniqlo and Adidas. In fact, the adidas store is the largest in the world (below). One can also buy electronics at the Apple Store in and amongst these worldwide brands. The prices are somewhat high, perhaps even higher thatn what you would pay in Oxford Street in London or Bloomingdales in New York, but its still worth having a peek. The ‘Ya Show Market’ is also located in the area if you want to buy counterfeit clothes, very popular amongst the tourists of Beijing.

As this article insists, Sanlitun is more known for the nightlife, not only in the village, but also around the village. The famous ‘Bar Street’  (below) is an important part of Sanlitun, very popular amongst expats and foreign teenagers. They’re usually quite cheap and cheerful places on the street. I would strongly recommend trying a few of them out whilst you are in Beijing. It is all part of the experience, especially for tourists who want to relax after a long day of sightseeing.

If you wish to have a late night, move further into Sanlitun and various high-end bars and clubs can be found, usually packed with tourists and foreigners living in China. Prices can range from bar-to-bar but on average, a beer would cost about 25RMB. The most lively nightspots in the area are; D-Lounge, Q Bar or Bar Blu. For those English and Australian tourists who love their beer, ‘The Stumble Inn,’ located in Village South, boasts a menu of about 100 different beers. Similarly, American tourists can feel right at home with a ‘Hooters’ just around the corner. For those who prefer a chilled evening on a rooftop with a spectacular view of the city, ‘Kokomo’ is your best option in Sanlitun. Kokomo is a carrebean themed bar open till late serving award-winning cocktails and much more. You can also get the feel of a nightclub, as there is a dance floor on one side of the rooftop.

So you’re in Beijing and you’ve landed on a summer’s evening. You’ll need a few drinks to battle the jet lag. Where to go? There is only one answer-Sanlitun. So don’t hesitate to book your holiday on Beijing Flights with China Tours to get a glimpse of what a buzzing city Beijing is. It is very much another ‘city that never sleeps.’


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