Beijing, capital of the People’s Republic of China, a city with at least 20 million people and counting, is racing at a lightening speed towards the future and reinventing itself within the 21st Century. Also known as Peking, it is the capital of imperial china; a city with more than 3000 years of history and dominated by cultural heritage, making it a great place to visit. Air China and Beijing Flights offer great deals if you are interested in booking your trips to this magical city.

Upon arrival in Beijing you are awed into appreciation of the civilisation that is adopted in a city that is so densely populated. Beijing is a charming destination for the whole world. Intertwined with its long rich cultural history, stylish modern architecture, folk customs, the Olympic legacy, and Chinese delicacies, the capital city offers endless surprises for all those who visit.


When in Beijing you are never short of anything to do, see, or eat. There is a new experience waiting for you at every corner. Depending on what you are interested in there is a whole array of sights to see, cultures to experience, and activities to make the best of your trip. Productively using your time can be a difficult task to master, as the options on what to do are endless.

Beijing in particular offers the largest and most diverse range of attractions. The Great Wall of China is always a popular choice amongst tourists and is definitely one to see if the opportunity arises. Situated roughly 70km from the centre of Beijing cars and busses can be hired to get you to and from the wall. Alternatively a more local and leisurely attraction of the Summer Palace is also an extremely highly regarded tourist location. It’s beautiful lakes, gardens and ancient Chinese architecture makes this site an interesting, relaxing and a great day out for all ages. Similarly Beijing also has many world-renowned heritage sites such as the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. Both sites are in central Beijing and offer a wealth of experience along with an insight into what the former Beijing used to be like. Beijing’s past has steeped the city in great historical merit, but it is becoming very evident where Beijing, ultimately, wants to be.

An added bonus is that the Beijing system is a very tightly run ship. You can travel anywhere for 2RMB (equivalent to approximately £0.20 or $0.50), however a word of warning is to avoid peak hours as it can become extremely crowded. This alone makes travelling around Beijing very easy and tourists can easily see many different sites within a single day. Alternatively there is the option of using the taxis. These are also very cheap. It is somewhat more difficult to get around due to the language barrier, but by simply asking your hotel staff to write the address in Chinese usually rectifies the situation.


The Beijing Olympics in 2008 has significantly put Beijing on the map and since the games were held there has been a rapid increase in tourists in the capital city. The Olympic parks and venues are spectacles to see in themselves.

The infrastructure of Beijing is reaching its limits and plans to build a second airport are well underway, the construction of it may even start as soon as late 2011 according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China. So don’t delay and cash in on your chance to see the beautiful city today by booking your Beijing Hotels.


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