Baoguo Temple

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Baoguo Temple is located in the foot of the Mount Emei. The Guangming Mount is behind the temple and the Fenghuang Bao (a small mountain) in front of it. The temple is the largest temple in the Mount Emei and is called the first sceneryof the Mount Emei. The temple was called “Huizong Tang” in the past and was built in the 1615 and destroyed by a fire in the end of the Ming Dynasty. It was repaired in 1654 and changed its name into Baoguo Temple. During the Jiaqing and Guangxu period, the temple expanded two times and became the large temple with pavilions and buildings.

There are many small temples, new build pavilions and gardens in the Baoguo Temple. The temple has three treasures. The first is the 2.4 meters high porcelain Buddha statue built by 1415. The second treasure is the clock, which is 2.3 meters high, 25 ton weight. The third treasure is the Huayan Copper Tower. The tower is divided into 3 sections and 14 levels. The body of the tower is a double pavilion. The tower has the characteristics of the Buddhism building. There are many high reliefs in the wall of the tower and look like seven floors folded. The tower is an excellent architecture work and it is the cultural relic in China.

Mount Emei (Emei Shan)

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