Ba Songcuo Lake Travel Tips

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Different from other lakes in Tibet, Ba Songcuo Lake (also called “Cuogao Lake”, which means “three cliffs and three lakes” in Tibetan language) is completely surrounded by the lush green virgin forest. Just as its name, Ba Songcuo Lake is green, a kind of light green that looks like jade without any impurities. The lake water is so limpid that people can see fishes move about in groups two or three meters under the lake surface. Green hills all around look like black pigments used by women in ancient times to paint their eyebrows and there exists accumulated snow that does’t melt all the year round on the mountain peak. Snow mountains by the lakeside and those reflect on the lake surface badger with each other, stretch long and unbroken, quite magnificent! What is hard to come by is that few people visit here now, so Ba Songcuo Lake is completely cut off from the outside world.

Best time to visit Ba Songcuo Lake

The best season in Ba Songcuo Lake is autumn, when the sky is high and the weather is fine. From the lake shore to mountain ridge, woods all look dyed all over the mountains and plains. The various colors and the tranquil environment provide a high time for photograph hobbyists to “murder” their roll films. However, the exuberant trees by the lake shore make it difficult for them to take pictures of the Zhaxi Isle in the middle of the lake. Therefore, these photograph hobbyists have to climb toward the mountain forest at the back of Ba Songcuo holiday village, then they can have the opportunity to look down from the height and take pictures of Zhaxi Isle, which looks like a precious stone inlaid in the green lake. Apart from the sight, most subject matters of shooting by the lakeside focus on small sights, which need photographers to have exceptional insight to discover.

Ba Songcuo Lake Tickets

Ticket: 100 yuan/person

Opening time: 9:00–18:00

How to get to Ba Songcuo Lake

By bus

Ba Songcuo is located beside the national road No 318, 70 kilometers away from Gongbu Jiangda County. The vehicular traffic is very convenient. If you take the bus, you should get off at the fork when you see a destination board of “Ba Songcuo Scenic Spot” besides the road. Then you cross Bahe Bridge, walk towards the north and then you can arrive at the lakeside.

By charted vehicle or self-drive

1. Take the charted car at Bayi Town is the best choice, which is 120 kilometers away from Ba Songcuo Lake. It takes about 500 yuan for a Beijing jeep in a round trip. If you stay overnight at Ba Songcuo, you should bear the board and lodging expenses of the driver.

2. It only takes four hours to reach Ba Songcuo if you set out from Lhasa. The whole course is about 360 kilometers long blacktop. The black road from Bahe to holiday village has already worked through, which can be regarded as the best road in Sichuan–Tibet Highway. The only section that needs careful drive is the mouth of Mila Mountain with the altitude of over 5000 meters.

3. It takes about 2600 yuan for a round trip if you take a charted car at Lhasa while the travel bus costs 240 yuan. The travel bus passes the mouth of Mila Mountain, Gongbu Jiangda County and then travels 90 kilometers to Ba Songcuo Lake.

4. If you travel along the Sichuan–Tibet Highway from Chengdu, you can rent a car at Bayi Town, where the government of Lizhi County located. The whole journey is about 128 kilometers and costs 320 yuan for a round trip.

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