Asi Ha Tu Stone Forest

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To think about China Tours, what is the first thing coming into your mind? Well, probably you will say Great Wall, pandas, Chinese food……However, there are other beautiful places for you to visit, for one of them, it could be the Asi Ha Tu Stone Forest in Inner Mongolia. To travel to Asi Ha Tu Stone Forest, you can start your journey from Beijing (check details for Beijing Tours), a flight or drive your own car to  Chi Feng, a city quite near Asi Ha Tu. Then you can use local bus service or drive to Asi Ha Tu Stone Forest from there.

As an AAAA national park, Asi Ha Tu is well-known for the unique stone appearances. For the term of Asi Ha Tu itself, it originally comes from Mongolian which means “precipitous stone”. In fact, these stones formed at the period of glacier. Because of the corrosion and melting of glacier, these stones have been shaped into different kinds of appearances. Due to hilly terrain, these stones are actually quite outstanding. These stones have been named by local people; for instance,Stone Eagle, Stone Tower, Stone Wall, etc, since they actually look like them.

Standing among the gorgeous stone forest, it is normal for you to lament the miracle of the nature. The first time I went there was in a beautiful summer. When you reach the top of the mountain, you will see the beautiful stone forest. From the bottom to the top of the mountain,  lovely wild flowers are blooming everywhere. When you look up, you will see the typical pure blue Mongolian sky. When you walk around these stones, you would wonder the mystery and power of mother nature.


Asi Ha Tu Stone Forest is actually a valuable attraction to visit in China. Unlike modern places such as Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, etc, it is a place of gorgeous nature and peace. Besides, you will also experience unique Mongolian culture which is quite different from Han Chinese culture. So come along and enjoy it.

It is a really good time to travel to Asi Ha Tu in summer. For average summer temperature, it would stay around 25 celsius degree. Hence, it is quite a good place to avoid heat. Besides, you could also take a trip to HunShanDaKe Desert nearby which could be another unique travel experience in Inner Mongolia.

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If you decide to take a trip to Asi Ha Tu Stone Forest, it is better to book a flight from China Flights. There are regular flights from Beijing to Chi Feng. After that, you can take local bus service to travel to Asi Ha Tu or drive dirtecly from Beijing. So don’t hesitate and come to the gorgeous stone forest for fun!


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