Many would not take china to be a place for relaxation and health care, but you will be pleasantly surprised as to the degree of seriousness Chinese people take their health. By booking your China Flights you could be one step away from removing any annoying niggles or underlying health issues. Book your China Hotels and begin your relaxation with a trip to an up and coming nation.

Across china there are hundreds of massage and Spa clinics that aim to relieve any tension and provide you with a self-indulgent experience. This may be relaxing and relieve temporary aches. However, there are also many ancient Chinese remedies that can help you to relive more serious issues that may be hindering your day-to-day life. Skin Scraping is a very common form of treatment that helps to relive many small problems within the human body.

One of the most natural ancient Chinese therapies is Skin Scraping (Gua Sha). Based on the skin theory of traditional Chinese medicine, by using tools such as jade or ox horn, scraping and rubbing the relevant parts of the skin constantly to dredge the channel and activate blood circulation to dissipate blood immobility. To relieve fatigue and improve one’s immune system regular Skin Scraping is an excellent treatment.

Skin Scraping therapy has an extremely deep past. When people used to be sick, through pure instinct, they rubbed or hit the relevant parts of the body with hands or stones. Occasionally, it really alleviated the disorder’s symptoms. Through long-term practice and increased knowledge, the method of curing the diseases with stones was formed. It gradually developed into a therapy through the support of modern scientific methods of Chinese medication.

The principle of Skin Scraping is very easy to understand. By scraping the meridian points, good stimulation is created. This helps to activate the meridian points and improve local circulation. This lessens the potential for disease and the human immune systems are increased.

Skin Scraping therapy uses tools to scrap the surface of the meridian points till red spots appear on the skin. Then through sweating, the toxins will be expelled, and the aim of healing is achieved.

Due to the development of the modern technology, the tools of scraping are becoming more suitable for the scraping of every parts of the body. The techniques also become more reasonable. Combined with the techniques of massage, hitting at meridian points and acupuncture, Skin Scraping has become the massage without direct hand touching, acupuncture without needle in the body, and cupping without cupping jars.

Under the increasing pressures of fast-paced life, present day people are confronted with the problem of poor health. Therefore, the natural therapy of Skin Scraping is beginning to attract many people’s attention as a quick and easy remedy to their problems. Although it may sound rather painful it is not to be frowned at as the results can be particularly beneficial and can increase the life expectancy. In china it is very common and starting to be carried out in households. Nevertheless, there are professional spas that carry out this much desired treatment, so Travel to Beijing and be cured from those menacing aches, pains and colds.


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