Shanghai has too much to offer, but in May of this year, the construction commenced for Shanghai to build Asia’s third Disney Resort. This resort will be located in Pudong, and is scheduled to open in 5 years. Your china travel will be revolutionized. Travel to Shanghai to witness how quickly Shanghai is developing into one of the most exciting cities in Asia.

The actual Disney Resort will consist of a ‘Magic Kingdom’ style park, which will be as similar to the world-famous Disneyland Resort in Florida, USA. Also, the Resort will house 2 themed hotels, an entertainments district, the Shanghai Disneyland Park and a beautiful lake surrounding it. This is only the beginning. What has just been listed is part of just the first phase of construction. After this has all been built, there are plans to build a further two theme parks in the resort. The site will cover 963 acres, 3 times the size of the Disney Resort in Hong Kong.

When you enter the theme park, you welcomed by Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and friends. The park will be reminiscent of other western Disney Resorts but there will be facilities and other attractions, which will be uniquely Chinese, therefore, tourists and locals alike can enjoy a specific cultural experience, as well as an authenticated western one. Some have argued that it should be kept in the traditional manner, but I feel that it’s great to have a mix of an experience. Not every tourist comes to China to encounter similar things that they would back home. Thus I feel the combination of originality and conventional aspects makes the park even more appealing.

The park will consist of several themed ‘lands’ each distinctive of their own attractions and entertainments. The center of the park will house the ‘Storybook Castle,’ which will be used mainly for performance purposes, as well as shopping, dining and other entertainment activities.

As noted earlier, the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, which has been open for 6 years, now, has proved to be a success. It too, also has two themed hotels and has been a popular destination for tourists as well as locals. Since it’s opening in 2005, the park has attracted roughly 25million visitors. If you’re a young family planning on travelling to East Asia this year, you must visit the resort.

Even though we accept it will take a long time to build the resort in Shanghai, we wait anxiously. But Shanghai is still a fascinating city to visit. As noted earlier, this city has a lot to offer for any holidaymaker. Culture, nightlife and relaxation combined, makes an incredible vacation. For some purely seeking culture, Shanghai has plenty of museums such as The Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Natural History Museum.  For art lovers, the Shanghai Art Museum is a must-see. As for other sites and attractions, the first few places, which come to mind, are, the City of God Temple, People’s Square and Pudong, where the resort is situated.

The Disney Resort is an addition to this spectacular set of attractions in Shanghai. You will escape into a life of fantasy, imagination and adventure. Shanghai is progressing into a wonderful city and it is thoroughly recommended, so book your tickets via Shanghai Flights for a perfect vacation.




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