Attention, students! Thinking about studying abroad? Book an affordable flight with China Flights and come study in the Orient! Here is a list of China’s top 10 universities to help you narrow down your choices. To enhance your experience abroad, check out some China Tours and do some sightseeing!

The following list was compiled based on researcher Wu Shulian’s matrix of findings by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese University Alumni Association, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and other academic organizations.

Peking University

    1. Tsinghua University – Beijing, China. Est. 1911. Known as the “MIT of China.” Distinguished for excellence in natural sciences. Many members of the CCP are Tsinghua alumni.
    2. Peking University – Beijing, China. Est. 1898. Distinguished for excellence in social sciences and producing movements of intellectual freedom. Beautiful Chinese architecture on campus.
    3. Zhejiang University – Hangzhou, China. Est. 1897. Emphasis on interdisciplinary education. Library collection of 6.9 volumes makes it second largest academic collection in mainland China (behind Peking University).
    4. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai, China. Est. 1896. Well-known for coordination between industry, academy, and research. Medical school affiliated with 12 different hospitals.
    5. Nanjing University – Nanjing, China. Est. 1902. First Chinese modern university with combination of education and research. In 2009, over 2,000 students chose to study abroad at Nanjing University with the largest number of students from the U.S. among Chinese universities.
    6. Fudan University – Shanghai, China. Est. 1905. Known for its 10 teaching hospitals integrating medical service, medicine education and research. Member of Universitas 21, association of leading universities worldwide.
    7. University of Science and Technology of China – Hefei, China. Est. 1958. Focus on scientific and technological research with some expansion into humanities and management. Frequently takes on national, ministerial, and provincial research projects.
    8. Sun Yat-sen University – Guangzhou, China. Est. 1924. Emphasis on interdisciplinary education. Univeristy motto: “Study extensively; Enquire accurately; Reflect carefully; Discriminate clearly; Practice earnestly.”
  1. Huazhong University of Science and Technology – Wuhan, China. Est. 1907. Major focus on eng
  2. ineering disciplines. From 1988 to 2000, led series of pivotal reforms among technical schools by establishing non-technical departments and hosting nation-wide lectures in humanities.
  3. Wuhan University – Wuchang, China. Est. 1893. Key university of liberal arts and sciences. Widely regarded as one of China’s mostbeautiful universities, especially for springtime cherry blossoms.


(Italicized names indicate membership in the C9 League, a 2009 association of nine government-determined top Chinese universities.)

Whether your interests lay more in the natural or the social sciences, you can find your niche at these wonderful Chinese universities. Travel with China Travels for your next academic year and experience it for yourself!

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